Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rand Paul Falls Deeper into the Establishment GOP Black Hole

Rand Paul issues the following propaganda statement:

The pick of Paul Ryan solidifies the Republican ticket's commitment to taking on the pressing issues like the deficit, entitlement reform and tax reform,, Congressman Ryan's values and commitment to fixing our fiscal mess stands in stark contrast to Vice President Biden - and presents a clear choice to the American people.
I remind you, RP is talking about this Paul Ryan.


  1. I suggest that from now on we start calling Rand Paul "Rand DeMint," a pseudo-conservative who uses wishful rhetoric to form a niche fiefdom of influence by aligning with the now corrupted and co-opted "Tea Party," but one who in reality just plays (and is played by) the establishment.

  2. Rand Paul has to be out of his mind if thinks his Republican Party boot-licking is going to do him any good.

  3. Rand Paul is not out of his mind. His establishment bootlicking will do HIM lot's of good. Thats the way calculating and ambitious politicians climb the career ladder. It works for them all the time. It doesn't work for us very well though.

    1. maybe not, as he is one of dozens of 'practical conservatives' out there and there will always be that suspicion that he might lapse back into neo DR NO ism at some inconvenient time.

  4. Rand "Pinocchio" Paul.

  5. Yeah, this is the last straw for me. He could rationalize his endorsement of Romney on the basis of "lesser of two evils" (though I disagree with the entire premise). But now he is just flat-out lying to people, misleading them into supporting a fraudulent "deficit hawk." Ryan is no better than Obama on spending. His record is atrocious, and his ethics highly suspect. Rand is cheapening his word. His praise is now meaningless, since he showers it on every unworthy miscreant with an R next to his name.

  6. no wait, Rand should back Joe Biden.