Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Dawn Coming

The remake of Red Dawn will be released Thanksgiving Day. Maybe the movie will help Americans understand why US military has a difficult time fighting in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Note the final line to the trailer.


  1. The irony is that if the Americans were instead Iraqis and/or Afghanis, and the Chinese invaders were instead Americans, then those Americans in the movie trailer would almost certainly be considered "insurgents", "militants", and "terrorists" by the American media and the White House.

    When Americans fight against foreign invaders, they're good freedom fighters and heroes, but when Iraqis and Afghanis protect their homes from foreign invaders, they're evil terrorists and insurgents.

    Hollywood Hypocrisy at its finest. This movie might have unintended consequences for the sheeple. They might have a flash of insight that the US empire has been engaging in a "Red Dawn" in the middle east for decades.

  2. I wonder what Murray Rothbard would have thought. He liked the first one. See his review here.

  3. I see nothing to cheer about in this movie. There's no introspection at all. It's just more anti-China propaganda to complement what's already coming from the U.S. government. The boob in the trailer says they have to win back their freedom. From the Chinese? Why didn't they care about winning back their freedom from the U.S. government, which had taken it from them long before the Chinese arrived? Maybe they just want their reality TV and Farmville back.

    Anyway, the entire scenario is laughably absurd. The Chinese would never invade the U.S., except in the fevered nightmares of neocon-brainwashed bedwetters. Why go to war when they can cripple the U.S. by dumping their dollar holdings and refusing to finance any more U.S. debt? Of course, that situation is the fault of the U.S. government, too.

    The filmmakers, like so many Americans, are projecting the U.S. government's criminality (encouraged by the voting sheeple) onto a foreign bogeyman. What else is new?

    The icing on the cake is the "heroic cop" trope, because we all know that armed bureaucrats become heroes just by wearing their stupid costumes and serving the state (but only the AMERICAN state, natch).

    1. Couldn't agree more. Looks like another 2hr long military recruiting video. Jingoism overload.

    2. It's not China anymore. They pussied out and changed the villain to North Korea. That's why the movie was delayed forever (also probably because it sucks).

    3. How wonder how much financing of this movie came from governmental bureaus.

  4. I would've been cheering when the announcer says "If you are hearing this message you are in an area no longer controlled by the US government"

  5. North Korea can't afford to pay my monthly car payments. What makes people think this is anywhere close to being a possibility?

    It would've made more sense to use Blackwater instead of the Chinese. Or whatever name they're going by these days.