Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romney's New Campaign Plane

So this is where Sheldon Adelson's money is going, Romney's new campaign plane was spotted Thursday by a producer for CNN, who tweeted a picture of the aircraft.

Sheldon gets a war with Iran and Mitt gets a serious campaign plane. Quite the dealmakers.


  1. "Believe in America"... is that like how libertarians are always talking about "imaginary lines in the ground" when referring to political boundaries?

  2. Sounds like jew hating statement: Sheldon gets a war with Iran and Mitt gets a serious campaign plane.

  3. There will be a war with Iran either way. Why, because Iran is set on removing israel from the earth. The question is whether it occurs with President Obama or President Romney in the oval office. It is a non-issue. Wish it wouldn't happen, but Iran is moving down that road.