Sunday, August 12, 2012

Slick Paul Ryan on TARP

Here's slick Paul Ryan against TARP, until it gets complicated and then he is for it.

Typical Ryan, he slices, he dices, he throws up some smoke and then he brings out the mirrors---and then he brings in the government. Oh yeah, a real free market guy. He has no idea how a free market would work, or worse, he does know but has a different agenda. Bailing out Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citi was never about saving main street. Ryan is a fraud.

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. "he slices, he dices, he throws up some smoke and then he brings out the mirrors---and then he brings in the government."

    +1 !!!!

    You nailed it.

    We have 534 morons. About a year ago I hope hope in Ryan and Rand---truth is they both suck.

    Ron Paul + 0 others= 534 morons who have destroyed this country as the majority of clueless citizens have allowed themselves to be duped and thus have sat on their hands and let this happen.

  2. In ancient Rome, criticizing caesar probably would have meant death or imprisonment. Today is is politically advantageous for caesar. It presents the illusion of "good" guys pushing (false) opposition.

    Of course, this idiot Ryan parades the failures of Hoover as a non-interventionist, when Hoover implemented many of Roosevelt's later schemes, albeit on a smaller scale. Rexford Tugwell had said that the Roosevelt administration looked to Hoover for policy prescriptions.

    Paul Ryan mentions the insertion of "107 taxpayer protections" into the Tarp bill. If that were true, the bill would be one page long and have the word "repeal" as the subject. Some people are going to accept the Romney/Ryan ticket because Ryan is a "pro-life" Catholic. While abortion is an important (state) issue, we Misesians are probably aware of Ryan's otherwise horrible voting record. He has voted for everything a civilized person should hate. Looks like Rand Paul's sellout so far only brought the deal for a speaking engagement. The Tea Party has already been quite confused on many issues. Rand's sellout will confuse them even more.

  3. Ryan is a lackey for the banks. BTW - TARP precipitated the TEA Party.