Sunday, August 12, 2012

Battle of the Ron Paul Pre-RNC Festivals

There are going to be two Ron Paul festivals in Tampa, pre-Republican Party Convention

Ron Paul will speak only at the official party. This event will be held at the University of South Florida Sun Dome on the day before the Republican National Convention, August 26. Doors will open at 11 a.m.

According to Jesse Benton, the tone this event will seek to set for delegates will be "positive, respectful and constructive".

But the real Ron Paul  bad boy party is going to  include a Ronvoys to its festival. Speakers here will include Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Peter Schiff and many more. This party will go on for three days, August 24 to 26.


  1. I can't believe the line up of speakers at Ron's 'Official' event. It's sickening the infiltration of the liberty movement. It makes me wonder if it was ever really around in such a fashion to begin with. I think I'll stay with the proven source for reliable principles and information and go 'unofficial' with the Mises crew. How in the hell does Ron Paul himself not see what mess Benton, Hunter, and his son are making. Everyone has their reason and in SOME ways I HATE to say but I think they may have figured out Ron's price... his son and family.

  2. I'll be in Tampa, but my priority is Paul Fest. I'll be at the RNC just to watch the police state madness unfold, and film it. I'd certainly like to check out the official Paul Rally, but given the speaker lineup, it's not a must. Still love and respect Dr. Ron Paul, but the entourage around him is less than desirable from my "radical" point of view.

  3. Benton and Rand, along with overseas "regime change" specialist Trygve Olson (strange how he ended up in Ron's camp, no?), are the Judases of the liberty movement. They agreed to put Ron Paul on a leash to ensure a smooth coronation for Mitt Romney, who embodies everything Ron has fought against. They agreed to sit quietly as the Romney machine cheated and defrauded Ron Paul's supporters out of their roles as delegates to Tampa. They want a place in the power structure going forward. For them, ideas are secondary to power and privilege. They sold out Ron and his supporters for the promise of scraps from Romney's table.

    Thing is, they probably won't even get the scraps. Benton is an idiot, the beneficiary of nepotism, and will be tossed aside as soon as Romney's coup is completed. Rand has alienated the people he depended on to get him elected (his father's supporters). Now he has no one to shield him from the establishment's retribution. He'll either fall into line or get steamrolled.

    What a sad way for Ron's career to end. I wonder if he realizes what happened while he was so busy fighting the good fight.

  4. "They agreed to put Ron Paul on a leash to ensure a smooth coronation for Mitt Romney."

    Ron Paul is not a child.
    If he is on a leash it is because he allowed himself to be leashed.
    With his experience in politics, he should be aware of the existence of backstabbing political operators with ambitions.
    He has to bear a large part of the responsibility for his campaign taking the turns it has and fizzling out.