Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Republicans and a Gold Commission; Don't Make Me Laugh

By Chris Rossini

I'm not too crazy about this whole gold commission move by the Republicans.

First, we all know that the last thing the Republicans want is a gold-backed currency. If anything, this is merely throwing a bone to Ron Paul supporters of the Rand Paul persuasion (i.e., those who think you can play ball with the regime to obtain your objectives).

I'm sure they're happy and have something tangible to point at to validate that they're making strides. But, much like yourself, I don't buy it.

Second, I don't believe that Republicans are somehow paying tribute to Ron Paul. These are the same characters who did everything humanly possible to hide, mock, and blackout his very existence in the race. To think that Republicans, all of sudden, want to pay tribute doesn't add up.

Third, and this is what really irks me, is that Republicans are not in any position to champion sound money. 

This reminds me of when Michael Jordan attempted to play baseball. It's not his specialty.

Having Republicans champion sound money can only deliver the same embarrassment. For Republicans specialize in war, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, and tricking voters with free market rhetoric. This "system" goes all the way back to Lincoln. Sound money is not in their DNA.

I wouldn't be surprised if the left (and Krugman dipped his toe in today) decide to mischaracterize the whole idea of sound money. They can spread all types of baloney about Republicans wanting to take us back hundreds of years. 

And how will Republicans respond....Surely not with any intelligence.

Republicans and Democrats need to sink together. Their policies are leading to that.

Let championing sound money stay as far away as possible from both of them.


  1. Notwithstanding some periodic simmering of old right sentiments, the Republican Party and for that matter the modern Democratic party are both Lincoln parties dedicated to mercantilism, crooked money and war. 160 years or so later, the song remains the same.

  2. I don't generally like Republicans or Democrats. But some of the attitude and comments here seem to cut one's nose off in spite of the face. Is the Gold Standard only good if it's administered by hallowed hands of a libertarian? Wouldn't we be better off if bad republicans and democrats and the FED had been limited all along by a gold standard? Wouldn't we be better off influencing others and the political party most likely to move in the right direction rather than do little and feel smug in our Misien knowledge unapplied for the benefit of man? Must society be totally collapsed before those "without sin" rise from the ashes and finally re-install a gold standard? Apparently so, according to some. I'd rather go down fighting.

    1. Ah, the libertarian utopian purity fallacy.

      Nice try.