Sunday, August 5, 2012 Ron Paul Continues to Outshine the Soon to be Ex-President Barack Obama, "Brotherhood at its best", writes

Well U.S. Congressman Ron Paul vocally opposed new sanctions against Iran Wednesday. Ron Paul referred to the economic sanctions as “an act of war.” The bill aims to stop Iran’s nuclear program, which is suspected to be pursuing nuclear weapons, although Iran maintains that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

Rep. Ron Paul was one of few representatives who opposed the sanctions against Iran in retaliation for its nuclear program. The sanctions attempt to target the Iranian oil industry, in addition to Chinese and Iraqi banks.

According to Reuters, China’s Foreign Ministry said these sanctions against Iran harm China’s interests and will be detrimental to the relationship between the China and the U.S. One group that was pleased with the bill was the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a lobbyist group that endorsed the sanctions.
The Wall Street Journal reports that this bill comes as a compromise between two committees. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim Johnson and  House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen collaborated on the bill.

This round of sanctions comes in addition to additional sanctions approved last year. The previous bill penalized countries that participated in business with Iran’s central bank. Reuters reports that these sanctions successfully limited purchases of Iranian oil from countries such as Japan, South Korea and India.
“While we have clearly placed all options on the table in this standoff with Iran, our goal is not to pick a fight with Iran, but to politically isolate Iran and deprive Iran of the resources and technology it needs to achieve its goal,” said Sen. Bob Menendez.

Ron Paul and Representative Dennis Kucinich spoke opposing the bill, voicing concerns that it would spark an armed conflict with Iran. Ron Paul insisted that Iran is not a threat and is “incapable of attacking us.” He maintains that the U.S. is “beating the war drums once again,” according to a Digital Journal report.
The sanctions were approved by members of both parties and will now head to the White House for President Barack Obama’s approval.

Reuters reports that the latest round of sanctions came after Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney criticized the president for not taking significant action against Iran’s nuclear program. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, told U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the sanctions the country imposed last year did nothing to halt Iran’s suspected nuclear ambitions.

Ron Paul continues to outshine the soon to be ex president Barack Obama. Ron Paul the peoples choice.


  1. I'm writing Ron in. I don't care. It's either that or no vote for either of the lesser of the two morons. Dr. Paul is my pick so it's either I show up at the pole and write Ron Paul in or I don't show up at all. Either way it's a non vote for the continuing corrupt establishment

    1. I concur. I'm writing in Dr. Paul as well. I didn't pound the pavement handing out literature during the primary to wilt now.

    2. LibertyLover, you weren't pounding the pavement to elect RP, you were educating and informing others... hopefully those will be liberty-minded flowers and your efforts (and mine) were not in vain.

      Possibly, when the SHTF, those People you talked to will likely remember RP and his messages resulting in better decisions later?

      It's all you can do.

      I'll be staying home election night myself.

      - clark

    3. I'm 54. I have not missed an election since I've been able to vote. I've always had my doubts about the process and have I ever completely trusted a candidate, but I always considered it my only chance to affect an outcome. Silly me. When they blatantly blacked out RP the most, or only, fiscally conservative, constitutionalist candidate I have ever seen, I decided it wasn't worth supporting the system any more. I won't waste the gas getting to the polling booth.