Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why All the Killings in Rahmaland?

Peter Huebl  explains:

Despite having the nation’s most onerous three-decade old total gun bans, shootings here are as prevalent as typical war zones. 
50 ward bosses or Aldermen control Chicago.  The wards are relatively small geographic areas that elect their local strongman.  The problem is that in the high crime wards the elected Alderman are by default deeply entrenched in gangs, crime, drugs and general corruption.  That’s just the Chicago way.

The 50-ward system worked a lot better before the massive and sudden migration of disenfranchised and poor Blacks from the South of the 1960s.  Horrible social engineering turned those migrants into a needy, ignorant and dependent population that were easily controlled through generous handouts...

Chicago’s ward bosses simply want what’s best for their own street gang members.  It’s the ward bosses that make the policy of police enforcement.  The conflict of interest is obvious.  None of them want their crime soldiers put at risk by allowing effective policing or the law-abiding citizens to possess or carry firearms for self-defense.  The ward bosses do all they can to enable violence rather than deter crime.

Rham Emanuel inherited this mess and fell right in to place by giving in to the demands of the most vocal ward bosses. The ward bosses keep coming up with so-called anti-violence plans that are little more than extortion demands.  

One solution they came up with just a few months ago was laughable but in reality beyond tragic.  Chicago’s political leadership handed over $1,000,000.00 tax dollars to a group of convicted street thugs called, Ceasfire.  These known criminals promised to reign in their fellow thugs and slow down the violence.  As any sane or sober person could reasonably predict the money vanished and the murder rate continued to soar...

As long as Chicago maintains the 50-ward system this city will become the nastiest and most dangerous place to live in any nation.


  1. How "too big to fail" works in large cities that fix problems with tax money instead of good sense. Let's hope our Federal tax dollars aren't used to "bail-out" Chicago's wards and politicians.

  2. You're damn right about how, as Richard J. Daley used to say in his Irish accent "da city ugh chicawga wurks!" I was born in 1945 at Cook County Hospital and grew up in the Jewish Lawndale community when Martin J. Kennelly was still mayor of this city and Richard J. Daley was only the city clerk! I was blessed to have an old Republican grandmother from the Oscar Depriest days who when we moved to the Lawndale area who took me the smoke filled regular 24th ward meetings to 'see how things are run in this city and whose running it and why" In 24th ward monthly meetings I heard
    Alderman Sidney Deutsch and Cook County CommissionerArthur X Elrod (Sheriff Richard Elrod's old man)give pompous and intimidating speeches to the newly arrived Negroes from the south and other parts of this "great city". On one occassion Syd Deutsch
    (by now both Alderman and Ward Committeeman after Elrod's death
    -a heart attack so they claimed) in a moment of anger that he later apologized for, remarked to a ward meeting that he had been "hearin your complaints about not having a colored alderman. Well, let me
    tell you this, he said, you colored people are not ready to have a
    colored alderman like they do on the south side, and when we decide
    you are, we will let you know, but remember we Jews will still be
    running the 24th ward in Chicago even when we have all moved! Later
    in life (like a few years ago in Wikepdia)in response to periodic
    Chicago Tribune articles on unsolved murders the continuous mention
    each time of the black Alderman Benjamin Lewis's murder finally
    pricked my curiosity and I went to research this incident which I
    so vividly recall occurred on the very day my grandmother was
    scheduled to meet with him concerning here job rehire he had just
    several weeks before promised to arrange for her (she and our precinct didn't get along to well and he had had my grandmother's
    position removed at Cook County Hospital)! When she arrived for
    the meeting policemen standing around the building soberly informed
    her that the "alderman has been shot and is dead". Wikipedia carries an article which claims that Bernie Horowitz was the power
    behind the throne of 24th ward politics and had warned Alderman
    Lewis not to do anything without his approval, the rest is history!
    Chicago has always been like that and always will be as well as
    New York City where I lived for twelve years before returning here.
    Remember Al Capone came here from Brooklyn, New York and eventually
    was able to corral forty percent of the police department here on
    his personal payroll. You think something like that couldn't happen
    again? Better think again, history has a strange way of repeating
    itself and as George Santayana once said, people don't learn from
    the repetition so it keeps on repeating itself!

    Like it or not, the eastern/mid-western/western organized crime
    syndicate and the descendants of Europe's Rothschild banking mogul legacy hold major positions in the underworld, media, and political power points in New York,Chicago, Las Vegas, and of course Cecil
    B. Demille and Goldwyn/Meyer's old stomping ground HOLLYWOOD! Many
    a soul has been purchase at discount prices by them all!

    And so goes the world order system ruled by secret societies and their underworld counterparts suckled by brainwashed, historically
    ignorant masses, feckless and helpless to change a damned thing
    concerning any of it! Only the collapse of this monolithic beast
    by its own satanic inner core will bring change and it will not
    be a very pleasant one!

    Erick Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois