Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canadian Government Knows if You Are Gay

Canada's CBC News reports:
Some members of the gay and lesbian community are raising concerns about privacy issues after they were sent an email from the office of the immigration minister that extols the government's handling of cases of lesbian and gay refugees from Iran.

Many of the people who received the email, sent from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's office, are asking how Kenney and his government know their sexual orientation.

"I just thought, my god, this is complete propaganda, how did he get my email? What the heck is going on here?" said Datejie Green, from Toronto.

The email was titled "LGBT Refugees from Iran" and touted what Kenney called his government's strong record of defending gay and lesbian rights around the world.

"This is scary. This is actually really scary," Green said. "I wasn't just disturbed, I was frightened, because they're clearly stockpiling lists of particular constituencies of Canadians, for their propaganda."
On a further note, it looks like the Canadian government got the same memo as CNN's Piers Morgan, who asked Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last night how he would handle it if one of his children were gay.

Ah yes, another reason to attack Iran, Ahmadinejad is a homophobe. Let's just hope the missiles don't hit some Iranian transvestites by accident.

(ht Ash Navabi)


  1. How dare Ahmadinejad refuse to drink the Kool Aid

  2. Hey Piers: Shouldn't freedom and individuality extend to those property owners who don't want to be forced to subsidize the behavior, beliefs and lifestyles of other people?

    Why should certain groups be capable of voting away the property rights of others?

    Isn't legitimate compassion, charity and understanding voluntary?

    Wouldn't the depoliticization of private life soften that billy club that is swung over people's heads on how to think and act?

    The U.S. sure loves to tell other people how to live through butt-boy lackeys like Piers Morgan.

    I love the following video. Here's a small slice of the decency and richness of the Iranian people. I pray we leave them that way.


  3. The posture of these two men pretty much sums up their content.

    Ahmadinejad: Back straight, shoulders back, chest out, head high = a man.

    Morgan: Slouched forward, cross legged, neck craned, castrated = boot licking regime lackey

  4. Ahmadinejad is right. Homosexual acts deprave persons of their humanity, it is a violation of their nature.