Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chris Matthews: Keeping Racism Alive

By, Chris Rossini

Several weeks ago, Butler Shaffer was a special guest on The Robert Wenzel Show. During that interview, Shaffer described a key aspect of how the State operates:
"The State needs conflicts. The State only survives by keeping us divided. This is why we get divided up into racial groups, ethnic groups, gender groups, lifestyle groups...whatever it may be. And then, of course in international settings as well...The State has always in the business of creating threats, and organizing people to respond to those threats through the State. In other words, the State will protect us from terrorists. The State will protect us from racial discrimination. The State will protect us from the communists, or whoever it is."
Now let's rewind two years; back to April 2010.

Shaffer, writing for, noticed this method of divide-and-rule taking place with the help of the media after Obama's election.

He wrote:
Such "liberal" commentators as Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Alan Colmes, Colbert King, and Frank Rich, along with former president Jimmy Carter, have strained and contorted their minds to suggest that "much" of the criticism of Obama programs — particularly that found in the "Tea Party" movement — arises from people who are uncomfortable with a black man as president.

"When, on election night, MSNBC's Chris Matthews announced "I'm going to do everything I can to make this thing work — this new presidency," to what "thing" was he referring? It certainly was not the success of any announced policies, as nothing of any substance had been promised.
If you're a reporter, then report. Your job isn't to 'make a thing work'.

As soon as Matthews said that, he tipped his hand, and revealed what his role is in the media.

Well, here we are 4 years later, and wouldn't you know, it's election time again. And once again, Matthews fans the flames of racism.

Huffpo reports:
Matthews has been pounding away at the racism theme during his coverage of the 2012 GOP convention. He accused the Republican party of trying to divide the country along racial lines, warning viewers to "be on the alert for the tribal messages, the war drums of racial division" when the convention started on Tuesday night. 
He continued on this theme on Thursday. "I believe racial division has been this country's great scourge," he said. Matthews said that racism "can't go away, but can be narrowed," as it was when Obama was elected president in 2008.

The key take away here has nothing to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. Readers of this site are well aware that there is very little difference between the two. They are two wings on the same bird of prey.

The key take away is to notice how the bird of prey operates:

Divide --> Proclaim that you're the necessary solution --> Rule


  1. While I think that Morgan Freeman is sadly an Obama supporter, I think he briefly shined with his comments on racism to Mike Wallace. (It would be just as tragic if he supported Romney)

  2. American racial dynamics can't be understood without acknowledging that public policy has been based on the idea that equal opportunity is insufficient, and that all differences in outcome are the result of illusive, hard to identify forms of racism.

    After decades and trillions, outcomes are not the same. African-americans, and to a lesser extent hispanics/latinos, don't enjoy the same level of academic and professional success. And they commit more violent crime.

    For a True Believer like Matthews, this has to be terribly frustrating. He has been forced to either reconsider his worldview, or find racism (which can justify unequal outcomes) in the most ridiculous of places.

    My favorite was the claim that republicans use of "Chicago" was somehow a dog whistle codeword:

  3. Chris Matthews is a hyperbolic, over-the-top, hyperpartisan nutcase. He literally foams at the mouth over the partisan Red Team vs. Blue Team nonsense. Matthews has always been an inflammatory partisan hack going back to his days as a Democrat congressional staffer.

    Unfortunely the divide and conquer strategy works. It's apallingly easy to get the masses all worked up over the stupidest things. The social intelligence of humanity is still quite primitive which is why we can now destroy ourselves with WMD's but we can't come up with a civilized and voluntary social order.

  4. Chris has a house on Nantucket Island, he loves blacks as long as they stay off the Ferry.

    1. Does Matthews scream at them with his voice immodulation disorder?

  5. The key take away is to notice how the bird of prey operates:

    Divide --> Proclaim that your the necessary solution --> Rule

    Is this Harry Teasley's of Rules of Bureaucracy in action that drive bureaucratic behavior: In particular....

    Rule #2: Use crisis and perceived crisis to increase your power and control.

    Rule #3: If there are not enough crises, manufacture them, even from nature, where none exist.

    Rule #6: Create vested support groups by distributing concentrated benefits and/or entitlements to these special interests, while distributing the costs broadly to one's political opponents.

    Spotting the rules is a fun game for a while before it gets too depressing...

  6. Hegelian dialectic at work. Thank Marx for it. Every-time you read liberal vs conservative, republican vs democrat, its the dialect at work. The synthesis occurs and the state grows more powerful as a result and regardless of which side is in power. Its a beautiful system.