Monday, September 24, 2012

Elizabeth Warren: I Never Got a Damn Thing By Claiming to Be a Cherokee

Her latest ad:


  1. Harvard just hired her for her *cough* scholarship?
    She's not a lawyer either, apparently.

  2. Has Elizabeth Warren just thrown all the affirmative action and diversity agenda under the bus?

    She doesn't have any documentation as to her heritage, because nobody has any documentation as to their heritage. It's all made up. It's just a political game played by the elites to group people into artificial collectives to play off against each other.

    If Elizabeth Warren wants to claim she has some kind of heritage, fine, but it means absolutely nothing to me, nor should it to anybody else. The fact that she somehow thought that heritage made her special, now or in the past, is a little pathetic.

    Certain 'special heritages' should not give people special privileges. Such policies are delusional and destructive. Perhaps Ms. Warren is finally recognizing that (but I doubt it).

  3. Does anyone else feel awkward and embarrassed for her when they watch this?

  4. Good Lord!

    That is up there with Christine O'Donnell's I am not a witch ad.

  5. You are all being too hard on her. Elizabeth Warren is a tremendous slough.

  6. "Let me be clear".

    Ugh is there some kind of subliminal effect that this phrase has on people? EVERY politician uses it.