Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Government Studies the Studies (You Can't Make This Up)

Gregg Easterbrook reports:
In 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the Pentagon was spending too much on studies, so he commissioned a study of exactly how much. That study was then scrutinized by the Government Accountability Office, which found the study of studies lacking.  
Here's the kicker. What does the study of the study of studies conclude? More study is needed. The GAO recommends that the Pentagon "take steps to evaluate DOD's effort to estimate costs."


  1. How about a study on who the f%^& cares about these studies and why we employ people that have nothing better to do?

  2. If you think that's bad you should see the overhead, waste, and uncertainty generated by the burden of contract management on everything the government does. It costs more to run systems to make everything "fair" and "efficient" than it does do just hand the money over to your buddies and get some work done.

    It's so absurd sometimes it defies description.

  3. I read EPJ everyday, however, lately it is becoming more and more about political drama and conspiracies (which I don't necessarily disagree with) and less about economics. Mr Wenzel, would you mind posting some thoughts about the world economy for a change?

    1. Sign up for the EPJ Daily Alert and you can get all the economics you want.

      But, here is a little: TNSTAAFL

  4. Give me a moment while I study this ...!