Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jesse Benton to Manage Mitch McConnell 2014 Campaign

The opportunist has taken off his faux-libertarian clothes.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd tweets:
How nervous could Mitch McConnell be about 2014 primary challenge? Nervous enough that he hired Paul person to be camp manager. Jesse Benton.
And get a load of this, Rand Paul is in on the scam. Todd again:
BTW, check out Rand Paul's already supportive quotes for McConnell's re-elect. Says he's earned tea party support  


  1. Not that I'm in favor of political solutions to our problems quickly can we find a liberty candidate to run against McConnell, get backing by liberty PACs, an endorsement from Ron, and put MCConnell, Rand, and Benton in his place?

    Oh the irony!!! Someone please make it happen!

  2. That would be amazing. Arrrggggg Benton what a disaster that man has been for us. Rand we could have had a good thing going but you wanted more and we don't like people playing both sides.

  3. Somebody's got pictures, and that somebody is likely Mitch McConnell.

    Oh, and Rand Paul's deputy chief of staff was Jim Bunning's.

  4. Folks, learn something about politics. This is potentially great news. Personnel is policy. If you are an incumbent, and there's an insurgency going on in your district how do you deal with it? The ideal way is to put the insurgents on your campaign staff. But you pay a price for that. If Jesse Benton and Rand Paul are going to round out liberty people to work and vote for McConnell, McConnell is going to have to give them something to work with, and that is going to mean support for things that they stand for. No, McConnell won't suddenly become a libertarian, but he is very likely to come around on some key issues. This was basically the point of the Ron Paul campaign. The campaign organizations formed around the country are still out there, and they're a threat to incumbent and establishment Republicans across the country.

    We will never be able to elect a majority of committed libertarians across the country and even if we did, half of them would give in to political opportunism in the end anyway. The point isn't to get rid of the opportunists. That will never happen. The point is to show the opportunists what's good for them or else.

    Look what happened to the McGovern campaign. He got creamed. But after the 1974 elections, even though we were no longer in Vietnam, the Democrat Congress voted to cut off aid to Vietnam, and we saw a lot of McGovern people on capitol hill as administrative and campaign aides.

    You shouldn't confuse losing an election with winning a debate. We are winning the debate.

  5. Someone needs to war McConnell; Benton is a Ron Paul plant.