Friday, September 7, 2012

Jobless Greeks Clean Toilets in Sweden

Take note of how out-of-control government spending and interventionism can ruin a country. Bloomberg reports:
As a pharmaceutical salesman in Greece for 17 years, Tilemachos Karachalios wore a suit, drove a company car and had an expense account. He now mops schools in Sweden, forced from his home by Greece’s economic crisis.

“It was a very good job,” said Karachalios, 40, of his former life. “Now I clean Swedish s---.” 
Karachalios, who left behind his 6-year-old daughter to be raised by his parents, is one of thousands fleeing Greece’s record 24 percent unemployment and austerity measures that threaten to undermine growth...

“In Greece, there was no future,” said Ourania Michtopoulou, who moved with her husband to Sweden in 2010 after both lost textile industry jobs in Thessaloniki, where they had a comfortable life with a house and car. “Here, I can hope for something good to happen. Maybe not for me -- I’m 48 -- but maybe for my children.”
The U.S. is nowhere near where Greece is, but we are headed in that direction. There is simply little understanding of how government interventions suffocate an economy.


  1. My dad was a custodian Bob. He raised 3 kids as best he could. One grew up to be a dedicated libertarian;). I wish you wouldn't make the job out to be one step away from suicide. Geez, what do you think of the man that cleans your building?

    1. Seems like Bloomberg is the one that's doing that. Wenzel only said that the country was ruined, and if you used to be a pharmaceutical salesman and now you're a janitor, it seems like a pretty accurate statement to make.