Monday, September 10, 2012

Must Read: Blockbuster Interview

Do you think you know what happened during the Oklahoma City bombing?

Lew Rockwell has just completed an extremely important interview surrounding the bombing.

It will change your views on many fronts. This interview is going to go viral and it is here.


  1. What do you think, Wenzel? Did the FBI want it to happen or was it a sting operation gone bad? I lean toward the latter.

  2. I have a copy of The New American magazine dated August 7, 1995, with a cover article titled "EXPLOSIVE EVIDENCE: Cover-up in Oklahoma City, Telltale signs of demolition charges inside the building". The article, by William F. Jasper, describes the claims made by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Ret.), described as "one of the nation's premier munitions and explosives experts", that from the photographic evidence of the damage to the building one can conclude that there were explosives placed on some of the concrete columns supporting the building. The evidence includes the asymmetric damage to the building as well as insufficient pressure from the explosives in the truck parked on the street near the building, as well as pulverization of the concrete of the pillars at specific locations.

    Also presented are seismograms from two locations, one 300 feet from the building, and one 7 1/2 miles away, that show two distinct "energy packets" arriving about ten seconds apart. The U.S. Geological Survey declared that the waves created by a single explosion traveled through two different layers to produce an illusion of multiple explosions, but the scientist who authored that report, geologist Thomas Holzer, when interviewed only said "…we are not saying that the evidence absolutely rules it out [multiple explosions], but we think the data strongly favors the one bomb". The USGS press release quoted Dr. Charles Mankin of the University of Oklahoma's Energy Center speaking approvingly of the work of Holzer, yet when interview Mankin reveals that he urged Holzer to delay the press release, and of his own work on finding those different layers he says, "we are having trouble finding that velocity difference". In other words the USGS was anxious to squelch talk of multiple bombs.

    The building was torn down immediately (by, I believe, the same company that tore down the WTC buildings soon after that event). So the photos, the seismograms, and research done by interested parties, such as Lew's interviewee Jesse Trentadue, are all we've got. Like 911, so many unanswered questions, but as with the Kennedy assassinations, the answers can be pried out eventually.

  3. Holy crap! I'm not as conspiratorial minded as your average Lew Rockwell reader, but Trentadue's entire story sounds plausible to me.

    1. sigh....I stopped reading LRC for the most part because of the bizarre conspiracy theory turn they took a few years ago. I sure hope this place doesn't become just like it.

      And please....before someone starts throwing links at me....I've read it all and heard it all. Been inundated with it all my life.

    2. Mike, do me a favor, go fuck yourself.

    3. So how's plugging your ears, closing your eyes, and going "LALALALA" working out for you?

    4. Robert, how did the "go fuck yourself" comment get through? Isn't that exactly what you want to keep out?

      And Mike, I hear ya, not that you're likely to be sticking around on this page to see this. But I've watched the JFK assassination go from "lone gunman says the Warren Commission" to many smoking guns (my favorite is the blurred lamppost in the Zapruder film). I would like to see it acknowledged by the historians and MSM that the CIA killed JFK, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.

    5. Perfect response, Anonymous @ 3:12 PM, too bad there's millions of ZPeople like 'em doing the same thing.

      Just ignoring THE FACTS of conspiracy theories, as if facts don't mean a dang thing.

      No wonder we're in the boat we're in.

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    7. Scott O,

      I imagine that Bob might agree with Davis's sentiment.

    8. Mike,

      Some of us actually lived in OK when this went on, got to see the live local media reports of tv stations and local cops, and then remember the complete white washing of what we had seen with our own eyes. You have not read associated material with this, nor have you listened to this podcast or else you would know this guy is legit. The fact that he has caught the govt lying in court multiple times and won several victories against them on this case speaks for itself.

      But if you choose to believe the best investigative unit in the world cannot locate a set of videotapes showing who all got out of the Ryder truck, despite already typing up a description of exactly what happened and all three people, then feel free to continue believing what the govt says and that there were WMDs in Iraq, the Federal reserve wants to help out the people, and terrorists hate us for our freedoms.

  4. Robert,

    Lew's podcast was actually done back in February, and the Trentadue story has been out there for years but never gained traction. To me, it is the most explosive (no pun intended) and well-documented conspiracy/coverup in recent history. Here are the key points of the story:

    --At some level, there was government involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing. Federal informants had contact with McVeigh at a white supremacist compound called Elohim City, where McVeigh sought assistance for his war against the federal government. These contacts are proven by documents leaked to lawyer Jesse Trentadue from an anonymous source at the FBI, and others released by the FBI on orders from a judge.

    --Immediately after the bombing, it was widely reported that the feds were looking for two suspects, Timothy McVeigh and "John Doe No. 2," both of whom were seen by witnesses at the scene of the crime. The feds also allegedly collected surveillance footage from the scene that reportedly showed "John Doe No. 2" with McVeigh. Later, the story of "John Doe No. 2" was flushed down the memory hole. The surveillance footage was never shown at trial or released unedited to the public. McVeigh was said to have been alone at the crime scene.

    --"John Doe No. 2" was likely Richard Lee Guthrie, member of a white supremacist bank robbery gang called the Aryan Republican Army. This means Guthrie would likely have connected McVeigh to Elohim City and, by extension, to federal informants there. Richard Lee Guthrie died in federal custody, allegedly by hanging himself with bed sheets. His death occurred shortly after he had announced plans to publish a memoir.

    --Before Guthrie's death, a man named Kenneth Trentadue, who bore a striking resemblance to Guthrie, had similar tattoos, drove a similar vehicle, and had once served time in prison for robbing banks, was arrested on a parole violation. Trentadue was taken to the Federal Transfer Facility in Oklahoma City, where he died a few days later, August 21, 1995, also allegedly by hanging himself with bedsheets — in a suicide-proof cell, no less. Prison officials wanted to cremate the body but were stopped by Trentadue's family. Under layers of postmortem makeup, the family found obvious signs of torture.

    --It was McVeigh himself who told Jesse Trentadue, Kenneth's brother, that Kenneth was likely mistaken for Richard Lee Guthrie, meaning that McVeigh was acquainted with Guthrie.

    --Alden Gillis Baker, an inmate at the Federal Transfer Facility concurrent with Kenneth Trentadue, reported to Kenneth's brother Jesse that he overheard a violent altercation on the night of Kenneth's death, followed by "faint moaning" and the tearing of bedsheets. Baker had planned to testify but died in a California federal prison, allegedly having hanged himself with bedsheets.

    --Leaked memos show that Eric Holder was involved in smothering any public inquiry into the Trentadue murder.

    Further reading:

    William Norman Grigg:

    Mother Jones article:

    Paul Craig Roberts:

    1. The fact that the media has censored this story just like they did Fast and Furious suggests to me by itself it is 100% correct. If it had elements of bullshit in it like a lot of the 911 stuff does, then it would have gotten media attention just to discredit it like many other conspiracy theories.

      This guy keeps winning in court, and has gotten the govt to admit to some amazing things and refuse to hand over things in the interest of "national security" yet zero media coverage. This guy is a lawyer, so he isn't exactly some lone crazy guy on the internet and easy to discredit. The fact that he keeps beating the feds in court, and has forced them to admit that they "can't find" the OKC tapes that they have admitted exist, shows why he is dangerous.

      Hopefully the internet can keep the story alive like it did on Fast and Furious. Here is the guy who broke the fast and furious story and has kept it alive the whole time on OKC and Patcon, as well as newsweek spiking a story at the last minute about this entire event due to govt pressure:

      Here is the actual spiked story:

      For anyone interested in the OKC coverup and the associated details with it like Patcon, read those links. It will show exactly why the govt has fought so hard to turn over evidence and lie -- there is way too much embarrassing info associated with it about PATCON, govt informants being involved in Elohim City as they are in all of the white racist groups, the death of a man in prison who resembled the John Doe, etc. Please read!

  5. this truly is amazing, but more inspiring than anything else. It shows you can stand up to the government for Liberty, and even if you get setbacks, if you believe in yourself, you will find more answers. I am very encouraged to do the same if the situation arises.

  6. Audio podcast for those too lazy/busy to read:

  7. As someone who lived in OK at the time of the bombing, I can confirm first hand that the local media and people at the time were talking about John Doe #3 being with McVeigh and Nichols and spotted by numerous witnesses. It has been amazing to see this third person completely dropped while the media pretends that such a thing never took place, when some basic youtube searches will find exactly what I am talking about. I watched the reports first hand and live.

    When you combine what took place with how quickly mcveigh was executed, with how the greatest police force in the world simply "can't find" the OKC tapes despite written summaries of them done by the FBI -- the description of which specifically mentions a third person with mcveigh and nichols -- that have been obtained by the person interviewed by Rockwell, and the list goes on and on. Way too much smoke for fire to not exist.

    When you also bring up things like Elohim City and how Carol Howe tried to warn the FBI/ATF about what was going to take place, and how many people were on the payroll of the feds in Elohim City -- it really does make one wonder if Mcveigh was on the govt payroll considering so many others in the white supremacist compound actually were. The German agent that keeps showing up involved with Elohim City and linked to McVeigh and others is strange, too. The other really odd thing is that documents have shown the SPLC had at least one informant in Elohim City -- so are they acting as the private enforcement of keeping police state data that is illegal on citizens across the US?

    For more info on this, PLEASE watch the documentary: A Noble Lie about the OKC bombing. It brings up some other things, too.


    Look at this brilliant speech by Trentadue himself the other day! Wenzel, link to this!

    1. Agreed. Wenzel, please post this up on the blog. It is an hour long speech where Trentadue plays clips of Senator hatch promising a senate hearing on this matter until he is visited by Eric Holder, the OK medical official saying it was not a suicide, CNN & newsweek covering it, and then all of the above suddenly dropping all references to it after being visited by the Feds. Best of all, there is actually a link to Fast and Furious with the PATCON operation he uncovered via lawsuits and informants contacting him.

  9. Lew put up Trentadue's latest speech