Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ron Paul on the Tonight Show


  1. Always the gentleman. It is hard not to love Ron Paul. I'm glad he touched on the GOP's rejection of his speaking role. I think it is a good thing that he did not speak there.

    Let the establishment always show how they really feel about him. That might rouse more Americans (who aren't brain dead; there are a lot of those) to listen to him and give his ideas a chance.

  2. Ya gotta love Leno. He's respectful, intelligent, and gives Ron plenty of space in which to make his points.
    I love the rock star treatment by the audience. I realize that many of them are there because they're ALREADY Paulians, but still...
    I've met so many people over the last few months who are right-wing, left-wing, whatever, who say they would vote for Ron if he were available.

  3. I think Leno may quietly support Paul, having heard many of his political jokes. He seems a decent man, and I'm sure does much good with his excellent salary at the Tonight Show. It would have been great if "celebrities for Ron Paul" (Vince Vaughn, Kelly Clarkson, etc.) had done more for his exposure and support. I have seen Vaughn introduce Paul for at least one speech.

    I'm not the staunchest car enthusiast, but Leno's car collection is something to behold. Take Dr. Paul for a ride, Jay, he's worked hard all his life.

  4. For what the GOP has done to Ron Paul, I am not going to go vote this time, so yes, the GOP has turned me away in that. I am not going to hold my nose and be forced into voting for the lesser of 2 evils this time. I will stay home.

    1. I feel the same, but I will be casting a write in vote for RP.

  5. All Paul supporters should vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

  6. I'm just happy to hear he'll run again. I'm torn between writing in RP or voting for more reason to abolish the two party system. Just think if there were at least 3 parties and they could all's time for that change, and we have a few years to demand it. I makes me sick what the gop did to RP.