Sunday, September 9, 2012

Street Libertarians Handle the Police

The clip below shows a police stop in East Providence, Rhode Island. It shows again what I have stated before, if you know the law, it is pretty easy to intimidate most police. Most police are first and foremost concerned about their jobs. This isn't 100%, some coppers may try to smack you anyway, but most are thinking about their careers when being confronted by someone who appears to know something about the law. They are going to be very careful in what they attempt.

It is really mental kung fu magic. It's time to memorize the Constitution.

Further, it is interesting to note the concern of one officer with regard to the cell phone taping of the stop. If there is one new type of  law that libertarians should be concerned about, it is any law put on the books that prevents the filming of police activity, such as the law they attempted to use to stop cellphone recording of police activity in Illinois. These laws need to be stopped,

Recordings of police activities are the great leveler.

It is also interesting to note in this clip that at one point one of the cops states that there aren't going to be any police pensions in five years---in other words, the public, even coppers, are really scared about what's coming down the economic road.

(ht Travis Holte)


  1. Remarkable exchange. Most of us are too conditioned to stick a) out our necks and b) to our guns like our smartphone-carrying friend here.

    Mr. Wenzel, please track this kid down and interview him! He's an inspiration.

  2. I love it!!! TJ quotes and all. The emperor hates it when people laugh at him because he is naked.