Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Keynesian Double Talk from Romney

Spotted by Betsy Fisher Martin.

This morning on Meet the Press, Mitt Romney said:
I'll balance the budget by the end of my 2nd term. Doing it in my 1st term would cause a dramatic impact on the economy.


  1. Yeah, this I have to see. Romney is either stupid, or lying through his teeth. Paul Ryan's budget doesn't get close to balancing by the end of Romney's 2nd term--let alone three decades from now--and Romney apparently wants something more modest than that. Romney also want this huge military buildup costing more than 2 trillion dollars. Romney also claims he will not be raising taxes, but cutting them. So where is all this money going to come from? Ben Bernanke?

  2. Yes, a positive one, that is if this mutant could actually accomplish such a feat.

    But, translated what he's actually saying is, "by '2nd term' I mean in some undetermined time in the future, maybe, if you're all good and re-elect me, forever."

    1. Ah, the employment life of a chief executive, who feels free to tell everyone right off the bat:
      "You may want me to do this, and you may even be putting me in the position expressly to solve this problem. I just want you to know, though, that I won't be doing that - in fact, I won't even be thinking about doing that - not until I finish with my other pet projects first.

      If I even decide to accept you terms of service."

      At least he's honest when he tells you he doesn't want your opinion. That's something, right?

  3. Willard, why not come out with it? you aren't ever going to balance anything let alone the budget because you aren't trying to get elected.

  4. It's as if Willard the wannabe hasn't encountered Article I of the Constitution. In fact, has he read any of the Constitution but in a piecemeal way?

    Whatever the case, his study of the Constitution should begin anew by reading and comprehending Article VII, which makes it clear enough that Article VII, prior to "Establishment", lacks the authority of law. (Indeed, this is ironic.) So if A7 lacked the authority of law in the fall of 1787, it could not then have been a good source of knowledge about what, if any, conditions are sufficient for establishment of A7 and the other six articles.

    It remained true throughout the winter and spring of 1788 that Article VII was no good source of what, if any, conditions are sufficient for establishment, and it's still true today, long after the 21st of June, 1788, that Article VII fails to tell us how to establish the Constitution. You cannot know from it even that ratification by states' conventions is permitted or required.

    It's unfortunate that millions of people have been duped into believing that Article VII can be used for its ostensible purpose, but they need to understand that every attempt to do so involves presupposing what is at issue.

    In the meantime, we should believe that the criteria must come from outside the great constitution of "We the People". If no such criteria have ever existed, then the Constitution must be a hoax, which is just what we suspected after reading L. Spooner's remarks about the Constitution lacking consent, too.

  5. What a disgrace. Democracy or no democracy you have no choice.

  6. Italy is running a primary surplus now. Portugal and Greece are running at 0% in July and August 2012. Spain will run a primary surplus in 2013. Spot the pig.

  7. How in the world is he planning on balancing the budget while increasing military spending and not doing anything serious about welfare?

    That they can just get away with these straight-up lies is ridiculous. And people just believe it. They wouldn't believe it from their friends, but they believe some random tool?

  8. He's already campaigning for a second term?

    Chickens before they hatch much?

  9. Has there been a presidential candidate in the last 20 - 30 yrs who hasn't promised to balance the budget by their second term?