Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Government Motors Rathole

By, Chris Rossini
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Democrats couldn't stop praising the auto bailouts at their big DNC Party. They were mentioned more than 150 times!

This was a big score! Government was able to stick its thumb in the eye of the markets. The markets so desperately needed land, labor and capital to shift to the accomplishment of more desired ends, but government would have none of it.

As Hillary Clinton says: "The market knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." 

It is the wise overlords that shall dictate value.

And if the overlords decide that a group of autoworkers shall keep their jobs (against the markets wishes) then taxpayers will just have to shut up and put up the cash.

Never mind what taxpayers would have done with their money had it not been coercively taken and transferred.

Never mind that GM is losing up to $49,000 for every Volt that it creates. Market barometers like profit & loss are silly and antiquated. Ban profits! Haven't you heard that the globe is warming climate is changing?

Bottom line: No institution on this Earth can waste, distort, lose, and misallocate resources like government.

It then kicks you while your down by throwing gigantic convention parties to celebrate its crimes. Conventions that cost the taxpayers $136,000,000.

Watch the pretty balloons America, they cost you dearly.

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  1. I feel like Alice falling down the worm hole. What country did I wake up in this morning? It is starting to look like a cross between Russia and Nazi Germany. Our politicians are Greedy Crooks, The RNC practiced blantant election fraud and smiled about it. The DNC wants ALL of your money to support any who chose not to work but live on the gov't teet. The Obama Administration is backing the very people that we are at war with to overthrow the Gov'ts of Syria, Libia, Egypt and are backing the very people that just killed 4 Americans in cold blood. Clinton and Obama once again have American Blood on their heads!