Friday, September 14, 2012

Tom Woods Launches New Attack on Max Keiser

This is great stuff. Woods lays out the dispute between the two of them and again puts the Woods challenge to Keiser.


  1. "Knowledge beats name-calling campaign to go up against the kaisers of the world, the shysters of the world." Then "Liberty Classroom slash Max." I want to sign up just to send Keiser a note thanking him for the free book. Woods is brilliant!

  2. Ha Ha!

    In the spirit of debate in the "Keiserian" tradition:

    Max is a douchebag, why even bother?

    Sorry Tom, it had to be done. I know you are high class about it, but I have no problem wallowing down with the pigs from time to time.

  3. Say what you will about Max, I watch his show and he is on the right side of a lot of issues. Yes, he is confused about economic theory, and many times I wince at his pronouncements. But he has pounded the table about Corzine, the corruption on Wall Street, and the faux "austerity" in Europe--the mechanism for a bankster bail out--when just about everyone else has "lost interest" and going on to other things. He has some very interesting guests and always gives them plenty of time to expound. I think this conflict bt Max and Tom is ridiculous. They are on the same side on most current hot topics.