Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trump: "Inflation has made me very rich"

By, Chris Rossini

You have to credit Ron Paul and The Austrian School for making it acceptable for Trump to use the word "artificial" when talking about the Fed. See the following:
The Federal Reserve’s latest gambit to spark U.S. economic growth with more bond buying is little more than “artificial” support for key asset markets, billionaire real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump told CNBC Tuesday.
Trump also speaks some truth on how the first receivers benefit from inflation:
“Inflation is a great friend at a certain level of real estate. I’ve loved inflation, but I don’t like it for the country. But as an individual, inflation has made me very rich,” he said.
Now, don't be fooled. Trump is not calling for hard money. He wants Romney at the helm, and you can be sure that if that were to happen, it'll be the last time you hear the word 'inflation' come out of Trump. 

Any, and all dollars, dropping from the Fed heavens will be met with zipped lips. Trump will think that it's fine for the "country then.

1 comment:

  1. The fucking moron should look in a mirror (yuck) and say to himself: "You're fired!"

    CRE and RE are NOT good to you in a RE CRE bubble.

    The stock market is down 83% since 199 TO GOLD. Unless this fat balding windbag has gold and silver the Fed has been about as good to him as aging has.