Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Rolling on the Floor Moment at Goldman Sachs

NyPo reports on the new book from Brian Smith, former GS VP:
Things can get pretty zany, Smith writes. Like the time a partner named Brett Silverman — a real prankster, sort of the George Clooney of Goldman Sachs — wired a conference room with a hidden camera, then hired an actor to pose as a potential key hire. The “job applicant” began to act up, breaching all kinds of etiquette, claiming his goal in life was to own two helicopters and asking about health coverage as he had “a lot of mental-health problems.”

It was, Smith writes, a real “rolling on the floor” moment.


  1. Those zany crony capitalists sound like a fun bunch to hang around.

    Who needs SNL when you have comic talent like that?

  2. I wonder how much taxpayer money was laying on that floor while they were rolling on it.

  3. And now the punch line...

    ...So they hired him, saying he seemed to fit right in.