Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farrakhan Praises Ron Paul

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:
The 79-year-old leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam gave a fiery three-hour talk to the congregation of his South Side mosque. His lecture — billed as “Guidance for our president and our nation”...said Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s talk of U.S. “exceptionalism” — the notion that America is different than other countries because its mission is to spread liberty and democracy — shows he’s out of touch, because “America is in steady decline.”...

Farrakhan praised...Ron Paul Sunday for wanting to close U.S. military bases overseas and slash financial aid to Israel — and blasted the frontrunners for failing to take stronger positions to curb the national debt.


  1. I wonder if Farrakhan had said this early in the GOP campaign (when the news letters hit the media...again) if it would have helped Ron Paul.

    Nahhh...They would find a way to smear Ron for being a racist AND a Farrakhan groupie at the same time.

  2. Robert ... this is #FAIL piece, feeding the trolls like no other. Unfollowed, un-linked, gone.

  3. You know what they say about broken clocks.....

  4. Bad news for you Calypso Louie.

    In addition to eliminating aid to Israel, Ron Paul would have eliminated aid to the countries you like, too. The result would have been a huge NET GAIN for Israel, as the US government hands over more money to Israel's enemies than to Israel.

  5. It's amazing what picture the Sun-Times used for Farrakhan. Bias much? Taken from the "How to make people look ugly that we don't like" page-book.

  6. Despite being a cheeseball who practices a cartoon parody version of Islam, Farrakhan is better than the Republican party on every issue. This is just one more why I consider libertarian republicans to be idiots. They're always bitching about Farrakhan and his race baiting, but the guy is in every way superior to the Garrulous Old Pussies.