Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ambush Video: Confronting Henry K.

Henry Kissinger gets major attitude when asked about his Memorandum 200.

The attitude Kissinger displayed here was not that different from the attitude Kissinger displayed when I asked him about a possible downturn in the Chinese economy.


  1. As always, Luke, displaying patriotism at its greatest

  2. I know many here are down on Freud, but this is a first class example of transference when Kissinger calls Luke "sick".

    I think he knows who the sick one is deep down.

  3. Kissinger: Were you trying to hide your conflicts of interests or connections to Saudi Arabia when you resigned from the 9/11 comission?


    Kissinger originally appointed to head the 9/11 comission.

  5. why do you call it a "ambush"? sounded like a politely worded question to me.

    You are using their propaganda terms when you call it "ambush".


  6. In case you missed that speach by General James is the speach that Luke was referring to:

    look into the Jones guy...makes big money( legal bribes) from Boeing, General Dynamics, Chevron...while working in the upper levels of motherland "security"/CIA/pentagon.

  7. from wikipedia:
    "On December 1, 2008 then-President-elect Obama announced Jones as his selection for National Security Advisor.[35][36] The National Security Advisor is appointed by the President without confirmation by the United States Senate.

    The pick surprised people because, as Michael Crowley reported "The two men didn't meet until Obama's foreign policy aide, Mark Lippert, arranged a 2005 sit-down, and, as of this October, Jones had only spoken to Obama twice".[37] "

    I wonder if perhaps Obama had very little say in who he appointed? and that Jones knows it and that is why he said what he said about following orders from Kissinger?

    We know what happens when a president doesn't do what David Rockefeller, Kissinger and friends want.

  8. I'm really starting to like these WeAreChange guys.

  9. It really annoys me to see all those power-worshipping whores running up to that decrepit war criminal to get their photos taken. These people (and there are many of them) really suck.

  10. Woman to Kissinger: Honey everybody wants you (yeah, I want him to be the dunk-clown at a carnival, immersed in a pool of crap).

    Kissinger is the real (anticapitalist) Ebenezer Scrooge. At least Scrooge didn't have a major hand in foreign policy.

    Rudowski: Mr. Kissinger, Memorandum 200?

    Kissinger: Are there no prisons? And the union workhouses--are they still in operation?

    If they'd rather die than go there, they'd better do it and decrease the surplus population. Now go to Hell, you sick person! I have to get back to being worshipped by the reality Housewives people.

  11. The world policy elite doesn't like to be challenged. My father was just a little township supervisor and I remember one of his stories that amounted to the little people are stupid and it's our job to tell them how to live.

    I see no difference in the psyche of politicians and their narcissism from the small-time city planner to the international power broker. The only difference appears to be scope of influence.