Friday, October 5, 2012

An Object Lesson On Why You Need to Keep Some Cash at Home

During my interview with former Fed-employee Bill Bergman, I asked him about the possibility that  bank customers wouldn't be able to withdraw funds from banks during an emergency. He just emailed me a link to this story from the UK's Mailonline:
Halifax and Lloyds customers unable to use cash machines or pay at checkouts after 'systems failure'... and they can't complain because the phones are down too

Halifax and Lloyds TSB customers hoping to enjoy a Friday night out might have to put their plans on hold after cash machines rejected their cards.

The banks' clients' anger has been further compounded after many who tried to phone up to complain discovered that their phone lines were also down.

Some customers reported having to leave their shopping behind while others said they have been left unable to access their bank accounts, just before the weekend starts...

A Halifax spokeswoman said the hitches were the result of a 'systems failure', which has affected the group's telephone systems as well as ATMs and online services...

It is the latest in a string of banking glitches, following a huge IT meltdown over the summer which meant the accounts of NatWest, Ulster Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland customers did not update properly, causing chaos for many people for weeks.
During any future civil unrest, it may be difficult to withdraw funds from banks. Cash will be king, including one, fives and tens.


  1. Someone needs to regulate which IT systems are linked too closely together.

  2. Entering civil unrest with hard cash will brand you a terrorist and make you a target. Carry a gun if you can, you will need a persuader. Lot's to think about, but, cash outside the bank is a given. Three month's worth of expenses a minimum.

  3. "including one, fives and tens"
    Especially One & Five dollar bills.
    Coinage too.
    Zimbabwe and Argentina are always short coins.

    Pay the exact amount.
    Don't expect to get change from merchants.

  4. "Cash will be king, including one, fives and tens."

    and nickels....