Friday, October 12, 2012

Bankster Gets Away with Stabbing Cabby

Pen stabber and elitist bankster W. Bryan Jennings.
Connecticut prosecutors will not pursue charges against a top Morgan Stanley elitist bankster accused of stabbing a cabby in a drunken, racist rage over a fare from Manhattan, the cabby’s lawyer said yesterday.

NyPo recounts the incident:

The Egyptian-born Ammar had told cops he picked up a drunken [W. Bryan] Jennings in Midtown on Dec. 21, 2011, and had agreed to drive the banker to his home 43 miles away for just over $200. 
“Go back to your own f--king country! “I’m going to kill you, motherf----r!” Jennings had allegedly shouted when they reached his driveway, before stabbing Ammar with a penknife.
 A trial had been scheduled for Monday in Stamford Superior Court.

It's hard to believe that it wasn't money and connections that resulted in Jennings not being prosecuted.

The country is getting more and more divided between the connected and those not connected. The connected have always had an edge, but it is now getting out of control.


  1. I think it's possible that the cabby was paid off, with the blessing of the DA's office, by the elite banker to not press charges . Are we not supposed to wonder why the cabby, the victim, has a lawyer speaking for him about this situation? Victims usually hire lawyers for the purpose of obtaining monetary compensation. The cabby's lawyer then acts as if there has been a great miscarriage of justice in order to quell public speculation about a secret out-of-court settlement. The result is a cabby who is now a little better off financially, and a banker who gets to keep his clean criminal record as well as his cushy job on Wall Street.

  2. Sorry Robert. Just because a cabbie says something doesn't make it true. This doesn't pass the smell test if you ask me. You are usually more on guard - like your great calls on DSK and Libya.