Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris Christie As Modern-Day Moses

By, Chris Rossini
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It's amazing the fantasies that these people create for themselves. Someone who does not create wealth, but merely takes from one to give to another has the ability to part the clouds!

And if the clouds are extra thick, he calls up another guy (again who does not create anything) but takes from others on a much larger scale, and asks for some of his hot money.

Something tells me, that after this photo-op, El Presedente may put his re-election back to the top of his list.

In any case, Bob nailed it earlier today. Neither have the ability rationally allocate resources. When resources are stolen from one and arbitrarily given to another, it's easy to only focus on the seen. But you must always consider the unseen. Always stop to think about The Forgotten Man.

These photo-ops will quickly start to lose their Messianic luster.


  1. These men are pathalogical, megalomaniacal democratically elected thieves. What kind of sick person would dignify the institution of voting when this is plainly the result?

  2. During his press conference yesterday, His Fatness mentioned that some people who chose to stay in their homes instead of evacuating had told him that "they should have listened to him."

    Talk about the last thing you ever, ever want to say to a bureaucrat.

  3. Obama's top priority is getting re-elected, not getting NJ back to normal. He'll use the storm to make it appear as if NJ is his top priority. After all the photo-ops and glad-handing the President will pass out, or lead the effort to pass out, stolen funds (i.e. taxes) from private citizens who did not consent to the theft causing said private citizens to be worse off at the expense of those who need "help" in NJ. The end result will be the singing of Obama's praises by the masses as he claims the presidential "high ground."

    I would like to know what part of the constitution the president thinks gives the government the authority to provide disaster relief in the first place. Wait a minute. That presupposes he's read and understands the constitution.

    Never mind. Forget I asked.