Saturday, October 20, 2012

Environmentalists & Rand Paul: Sitting in the Government's Waiting Room

By, Chris Rossini
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The Greens are upset!...The Greens are upset!

It's not enough that you, and your kids, are being propagandized 24/7. It turns out both Obama & Romney are ignoring the top priority issue known as global warming climate change.

From The Washington Post:
Not a word has been said in the presidential debates about what may be the most urgent and consequential issue in the world: climate change.

President Obama understands and accepts the scientific consensus that the burning of fossil fuels is trapping heat in the atmosphere, with potentially catastrophic long-term effects. Mitt Romney’s view, as on many issues, is pure quicksilver — impossible to pin down — but when he was governor of Massachusetts, climate-change activists considered him enlightened and effective.

Yet neither has mentioned the subject in the debates. Instead, they have argued over who is more eager to extract ever-larger quantities of oil, natural gas and coal from beneath our purple mountains’ majesties and fruited plains....

A presidential campaign offers an opportunity to educate and engage the American people in the decisions that climate change will force us to make. Unfortunately, Obama and Romney have chosen to see this more as an opportunity to pretend that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an approaching train.
So the Greens are getting hoo.

In related news, government (that well-oiled machine that the Greens love so much) came out with some fantastic financials this week:
Yes, government isn't even capable of making a snack bar profitable.

But that doesn't matter to the Greens. When it comes to global warming climate change, government will get the job done, and make sure that the climate stops changing...or something...doesn't matter...just give them your money and your freedom.

My recommendation to the Greens?

Go into the government's waiting room and take a seat...Cool off.

When you get there, you'll find Rand Paul. Take a seat next to him. He's also waiting.

In case you don't know who he is? Rand is in charge of getting libertarians to vote for Romney. Rand assured libertarians that Romney is all into that Fed thing that everyone is talking about, yet Romney fails to mention it in debates.

Come to think of it, Romney doesn't mention the Fed ever!

Rand even had to backpeddle on his endorsement once Romney made it perfectly clear that he's a warmonger with rabies. And as EPJ pointed out in a fun little video, Romney really isn't going to cut anything or shrink government at all.

But hey, nestling up to power is a tough job. Just have a seat next to'll have plenty to talk about.

Ask him about his latest book, where he calls himself a Crunchy-Con:
I consider myself a Crunchy-Con—that is, a conservative who likes, enjoys, and wants to conserve the environment...

I am not against all regulation. I am against overzealous regulation. Nor am I against all government. I often joked on the campaign trail that I was for $2.2 trillion worth of government—what we currently bring in in revenue—but certainly not for the $3.8 trillion of government we currently spend.
The government will be with the both of you shortly.

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