Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Federal Reserve Announces Reserve Requirement Thresholds for 2013

The Federal Reserve Board has issued the annual reserve requirement thresholds for depository institutions in 2013. Banks are required to set aside a specified portion of net transaction accounts—mostly checking accounts—as reserves. There are no  changes.

In 2013 the first $12.4 million in net transaction accounts will be exempt from reserve requirements. The low reserve tranche, which includes net transaction accounts over $12.4 million and up to $79.5 million, will be subject to a 3 percent reserve ratio. Amounts in excess of $79.5 million will be assessed a 10 percent reserve ratio.

The current requirements are the same;

Reserve Requirements
Liability TypeRequirement
% of liabilitiesEffective date
Net transaction accounts 1
     $0 to $12.4 million2012-27-12
     More than $12.4 million to $79.5 million3312-27-12
     More than $79.5 million1012-27-12
Nonpersonal time deposits012-27-90
Eurocurrency liabilities012-27-90


  1. So, does anyone really think they will get all there money out when the dollar tanks in the all too near future? Get your money out now; and bring this corrupt banking system to its knees sooner rather than later.

    1. Do you even realize what taking your money out of the banks would do? Not only would the banks tank , but so would the economy and then your money would become worthless. Even if you changed the required reserves to 100% and the ratio was 1/1 the economy would tank. That would in essence drop the amount of money available to be loaned by ten times its current level. Whether you like it or not bank loans keep the economy going. Investors use the money we deposit to grow companies and expand which brings more jobs and keeps the economy growing. 100 dollars can be used to create 1000 dollars in investments. The problem is not with this part of the banking system.

    2. and you don't see that as a problem? hells teeth and people wonder why there a boom bust economy.