Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Word from Chris Rossini, who Lives along the Jersey Shore

I emailed Chris this morning to see if he was back at his house. He responded:

No...just found out this morning that it'll be a couple of more days. 
Travel bans...and curfews. 
But hey Obama is visiting the Jersey Shore so that should lift everyone's spirits :) 
A neighbor did send us a few pictures of our house...It's still intact, only a missing gutter, and it appears that no water got in.


  1. From my experience in New Orleans, if the government can create a choke point to prevent access to a disaster area, they do so for much longer than necessary. They often site safety concerns. In NOLA the cops "commandeered" a lot of nice stuff. And these jerks wonder why people ignore evacuation orders. ... Because the police steal whatever they want.

  2. So Chris left but his neighbour stayed to watch his house? Kudos to his neighbour. We should all be so blessed.

    1. Yes, in hindsight everyone wishes that they left...but fortunately those who stayed behind have been keeping the rest of us in the loop.

    2. Thank God no one took advantage of your absence. As long as you left voluntarily. I guess it's your turn to be on neighborhood watch. Cheers.

    3. Oh of course...I made my decision based on Mother Nature and keeping my family safe...I can care less about the Duke of NJ's edicts.

  3. Good luck Chris. Glad your house is okay!