Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Government + Business Partnership: Coming to an ISP near you

By, Chris Rossini
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ISP's are turning into Copyright Cops.

From Wired:
The nation’s major internet service providers by year’s end will institute a so-called six-strikes plan, the “Copyright Alert System” initiative backed by the Obama administration and pushed by Hollywood and the major record labels to disrupt and possibly terminate internet access for online copyright scofflaws.

The plan, now four years in the making, includes participation by AT&T, Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. After four offenses, the historic plan calls for these residential internet providers to initiate so-called “mitigation measures” (.pdf) that might include reducing internet speeds and redirecting a subscriber’s service to an “educational” landing page about infringement.

The internet companies may eliminate service altogether for repeat file-sharing offenders, although the plan does not directly call for such drastic action.
File-sharing offenders will, of course, just be the opening volley.

Once government has its camel nose under the tent, they'll move on to other things for the ISP's to monitor, and subsequently punish you for.

But hey, "Partnerships" are now The American Way.

Hillary Clinton lays it out plainly for you:
"The problems we face today will not be solved by governments alone. It will be in partnerships - partnerships with philanthropy, with global business, partnerships with civil society."
The two guys below tried the same thing in Italy and Germany...They must have been ahead of their time:

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