Saturday, October 27, 2012

Merkel Calls for Massive Centrally Planned Global Finance System

Reuters reports:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged the world's top economies to push ahead with further financial regulation, saying that not enough had been achieved so far.

The global financial crisis has prompted an overhaul of regulation in almost every part of the financial system from over-the-counter derivatives to bank capital requirements.

But Merkel said in her weekly podcast that more was needed.

"In my view, we are not where we ought to be yet," she said.

"We had planned to regulate every financial centre, every financial actor and every financial market product. Significant progress has been made but the rules have not yet been implemented everywhere and we are still missing further areas."

The chancellor pointed to "shadow banks", or non-bank financial institutions that are less regulated than banks, as an area where progress needed to be made.
This is about banksters and governments getting even more control of money flows. They will direct money toward their crony projects and drain funds from other sectors.  This is one of the more destructive programs promoted by the globalists. Without unihibited, unregulates money flow going into many different pockets, innovation stops, the crony rich get richer and the rest of us don't have a chance.


  1. Bitcoin. Time to look at is seriously? If you say "no" you don't understand it yet.

  2. Interesting timing for her call for more centralization, in the face of gold audit calls from her countrymen.

  3. Yeah, what the world economy needs is more planning and regulation!

    Their goal of a world government is becoming more obvious every day.

    Merkel and her cohorts are a menace to society. These power mad mediocrities need to be rejected and sent out to pasture.

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