Friday, October 12, 2012

Paleface Warren Leads in Massachusetts By +6

Public Policy Polling has serious interventionist, elitist, central planner, Elizabeth "Cherokee" Warren pulling away from Scott Brown in the Massachusetts race for the U.S. Senate. It should be noted that PPP was the first to detect Brown's climb in the polls when he defeated Martha Coakley, in the 2010 special election to succeed U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. Here's the latest from PPP:

Warren leads Scott Brown 50-44. The big change over the last month is that Brown's image is finally starting to take a hit. His approval rating is now a +7 spread at 49/42, down a net 14 points from mid-September when he was at 55/34. There's an increasing sense that he's been more a partisan voice for the national Republican Party (45%) than an independent voice for Massachusetts (44%). That's a 10 point shift from our last poll when voters thought 49/40 that he'd been more of an independent voice. 
The biggest thing that continues to make it very hard for Brown to win this race is that 52% of voters in the state want Democrats to have control of the US Senate to 35% who want the Republicans in control. Warren is now winning the Democratic vote 82/13, erasing most of the crossover support that Brown had earlier in the year.
Republicans have been very consistent in referring to Elizabeth Warren as a professor over the last year but that may not be the best framing. 57% of Massachusetts voters have a favorable opinion of college professors to 19% with a negative one. The breakdown is 79/5 among Democrats, but GOP voters do have a negative opinion of professors with 33% rating them favorably to 42% with a unfavorable opinion.

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  1. He foolishly tried to play Mr Nice Guy with equal pay ads.
    It's only been in the past week he has been running ads exposing Fauxahontas for working for
    the big insurance companies and getting a big check from them.
    Fauxahontas meanwhile has been running ads about how Republicans will repeal Roe v Wade via SCOTUS and Scott will give these Republicans control of the senate.