Friday, October 12, 2012

Patriotic CEO's Call for Higher Taxes

By, Chris Rossini
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The meaning of the word "patriot" took a big hit with "The Patriot Act."

Now it's just getting kicked while being down.

From The Washington Post:
Goldman Sachs’s Lloyd Blankfein says he’d entertain higher taxes to break the budget impasse. “No one is so unpatriotic that they wouldn’t pay a little bit more to resolve it,” the firm’s CEO said Thursday on CNBC.

So does the CEO of Caterpillar. “I, for one, believe that revenue has to increase. I think every American would pay more if they thought spending was going to be cut and the budget brought to balance,” Douglas Oberhelman told The Wall Street Journal.

Both are part of a new “Fix the Debt” coalition of business leaders who are pushing for Congress to reach a grand bargain on the deficit that avoids the fiscal cliff through spending cuts, entitlement reform, and revenue raisers. Other members include JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, General Electric’s Jeff Immelt, and Honeywell’s David Cote, the FT reports.
It is now "patriotic" for the government to expropriate more of your money. I also find it funny that these two enlightened CEO's include everyone in their clarion calls:
"No one is so unpatriotic..."
"I think every American would pay more..."
So, in "the land of the free", there isn't one person that would like to pay less?

If that's the case, then the accounting industry is in deep trouble.

The aforementioned "Fix the Debt" coalition contains a nice harmonious mix of big business CEO's and government bureaucrats.

The bureaucrats get high profile CEO's who will stump for more "revenue raisers;" and in return, the CEO's get help from government in building moats around their companies, to keep out competitors.

Hillary Clinton has defined the arrangement"The problems we face today will not be solved by governments alone. It will be in partnerships..."

It's their world, as a recent Time Magazine cover indicates.

Everyone else is here to be patriotic....and pay up!


  1. You know,
    a) no one is stopping them from contributing more, while the details get settled. how about some donations, guys?
    b) Repubs have been offered that deal repeatedly. so far, the tax increases always happen but the spending reduction never seems to occur.

    This is one more item in the roll-out of economic repression.

  2. I simply could not agree more. Course Lloyd is "entertaining" higher taxes for the rest of us cause he's gonna need another ittsy bittsy loan to cover that $44 trillion derivative bet that's going "tick, tick, tick" in the basement, and would like to pocket a few hundred million more - just to cover expenses you understand.

    I think Ol' Lloyd should do more of "God's work" and give everything he has to the government - every last damn cent - and that goes for his buddies Doug, Jamie, Jeff and David. Pull all of your kids/grandkids out of private schools, sell your cars, boats, planes, jewelry, and mansions, clean out those investment portfolios, fire your accountants and private bankers, close those offshore accounts and hidden (wink, wink) personal nest eggs and send it all in. Join us in the cheap seats and worry about where your next meal is coming from. Oh, and while you're feeling all warm, fuzzy, patriotic and helpful, grab a backpack and M16 for you and the family and put in three tours in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Honest to God, we're gonna have to come up with a better word than ASSHOLE, 'cause it just doesn't seem to do these clowns justice. How about this? You forget about us ever bailing your worthless butts out again. You are on you own. Sink or swim. My money is on sink, and it could not happen to a more deserving bunch than you.

    1. Couldn't say better myself!

    2. Love it! I'd only add some condemnation to the millions of idiots who aren't waking up to say what you just said.

    3. They're fucking TERRORISTS.
      These tapeworms need to be starved before they starve us all.

  3. Those pricks. Why I oughta!

  4. Most of these CEOs have already made their money. Increasing income taxes just prevents others from becoming rich. The word needs to get out that income taxes just prevent the middle classes from becoming upper class by stealing from them before they get a chance to accumulate it. To this point, the left has become a total failure. They sold their souls for the welfare check only to have a new class of elite convince them to steal from themselves to be free.

  5. Why don't these statist terrorists come and steal from me in person? Please do!

  6. "No one is so unpatriotic that they wouldn’t pay a little bit more to resolve it"

    How can anyone believe that by giving more money to congress that some how some way, they will spend less? Giving congress more cash only makes em spend more.