Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rand Paul: "My father and I don't agree with each other on every issue."

On Saturday, Rand Paul spoke to about 100 students and area residents during a Republican rally at the University of New Hampshire.

During his speech, he said that “The Republicans doubled the debt in the beginning of the century, but Democrats are quadrupling it."  He's correct there, they both increase the debt.

"My father and I don't agree with each other on every issue," Rand also said. But, he added, they agree on the importance of reducing the size of government, decreasing spending and expanding opportunities.

“In the long term, Republicans need to figure out the Libertarian approach,” he said.

So does Rand.


  1. Really Rand? Then why are you supporting a sociopath warmonger like Romney then? He's a proven liar.

  2. You know, Wenzel, you make a great point. As Ron Paul ran in the last 2 elections on the Republican ticket, it made me think more about how his family viewed him. I wonder how many of those in and around his family were Republicans, limited-government types with more loyalty to the GOP than to Rothbardian, Misesian, or Hayekian principles. When the son Rand Paul rejects the libertarianism of his father and prefers regulation and gov't bribes to the regulation of the market free from government, it makes me ask, "Is Rand Paul's knowledge of Austrian economics or Libertarianism an academic abstraction that has little relevance to day-to-day human action?" Or is it a case of the zero-sum game of politics--win at any cost--where that becomes his prevailing principle?

  3. Rothbard endorsed George Bush.