Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why Ben Affleck Is in Favor of the TSA Pulling Your Dick

In the clip below, Ben Affleck defends TSA 'dick grabbing'. What's up with this? In fact what's up with actors in general tending to favor government interventions?

Ludwig von Mises discussed actors in a section of his book The Anti-Capitalist Mentality (Chapter 1 Section 9: The Communism of Broadway and Hollywood). I never thought that Mises fully answered the question in that section. He blamed it on the fear actors have that they may lose the adoration of the public and fall to the wayside. But, I think there is probably more. One important fact is that actors tend to use the imagination part of their brain for their work, rather than the logical part.

According to Professor Sophie Scott, from UCL's Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, professional actors use a part of the brain  that is called the infra parietal sulkus, when they attempt to create a voice for a character and recite lines. Most fascinating only the pros use it to create a voice not the rest of us.

"Interestingly, it's not the part used by non-professionals when they try to produce a voice," Scott says. "Actors do it in a very different way from you or me. When I started doing this research I came from a phonetics background where you break speech down, analyse it and build it up again. But professionals don't. They're doing something much more visceral and bodily."

The actress Fiona Shaw concurs:
I think actors' brains are like musicians' in that they've been trained to learn enormous sections of language not by rote but by imaginative association... You're often in a visual architectural space in your head. In order to remember it, I need a visual image in my head.
Shaw is asked, "Are all actors like that?"
Probably, yes. And people who aren't actors certainly aren't like that because they say things like: "How do you learn your lines?" Well, you don't learn your lines, you live in the imaginative moment and the line is inevitable in that situation.
So in the clip below, when Affleck says he is in favor of TSA  dick grabbing, is he thinking this out logically about the totalitarian implications of TSA dick grabbing or is he using the imagination part of the brain, that most of us don't use, in a near imaginary world where he is in someway Jack Ryan fighting imaginary terrorists?


  1. "actors tend to use the imagination part of their brain for their work, rather than the logical part."

    I wondered why so many brilliant musicians (artistically speaking) couldn't grasp the ideals of libertarianism. This explanation kinda connects the dots for me.

  2. when has hollywood been pro-freedom? A few exceptions of course, but generally they support pretty rigidly the views of the Democratic-side of the political establishment whatever that happens to be (currently pro-Obama).


  3. If, actors use a different part of the brain to reason about state intervention, is there some explanation for the apparent bias in their conclusions?

  4. He and Matt Damon can still go f**k themselves. Control freak creeps. I'll never pay to see a movie they're in.

  5. Chalk it up to basic hypocrisy. Same goes for Hollywood's environmentalism. They see themselves as part of the privileged class so it's "do as I say not as I do" ethos. When was the last time Affleck went through a TSA mauling anyway?

    And no, I won't pay to see him or his full-on Big-Bromance butt-buddy Damon.

    1. Maybe it's more than hypocrisy. With Affleck's talent, by that I mean less than zero, you know there is government intervention behind him getting roles, "Pearl Harbor," or funding for his cheap-ass indies. He's one of those actors where you see him periodically in movies and you keep shaking your head when you do. And yet he owns a private jet. That don't make no sense.

    2. Since you mentioned 'Pearl Harbour' The Imperial Japanese Navy has not put in a more welcome appearance.

  6. Damon cites Carroll Quigley as a formative author, nut fails to realize the core of his argument against the State. Hell. Even Quigley failed to see it until later in life.

  7. I wonder if Andy Dick is going to take this as an invitation for grabbing Ben Affleck's dick at the next Hollywood award ceremony. I hope he does, and tells Affleck "I just grabbed your dick a little, it's not the end of the world." Although I am not sure this would teach Affleck a lesson as he may enjoy that sort of thing.

  8. I like how only the fascist Coulter has the balls to describe exactly what they do--i.e. stick their fingers up our assholes--which is statutory rape by definition. How many libertarians will call it what it really is instead of using their newspeak euphemism "pat down".

    Also, the clip shows how TSA rape humor is fast catching up with prison rape humor as a favorite pastime that is loved by all across the USA's political spectrum.

  9. For someone in the make believe industry I'd expect him to be able to spot a theater more easily. TSA is cheap comedy theater for air travelers with a bonus grope to go with your ticket.

    "Do you want to be safe?"

    Lol. I don't even need to comment here.

    Even though he's not mentioned in this article, I'm having trouble pinning down who is the worse of the tag team duo of state apologists: Damon or Affleck. Do I pick the union promoting economic interventionist? Or the state 'security' apparatus promoter?


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