Sunday, October 21, 2012

Robert Wenzel Takes on Former Big Time Biden Money-Raiser Jeff Connaughton

This Week's Guest is Jeff Connaughton:
Jeff Connaughton

Finally, a mainstream guest who doesn't hang-up during a Robert Wenzel interview. Jeff Connaughton, a former lobbyist and big time money raiser for Joe Biden, hangs tough.

They debate whether Wall Street is the core cause of the financial crisis and what exactly is taught at elitist schools such as the University of Chicago and Stanford.

Then the executive producer of The Robert Wenzel Show, Chris Rossini, joins Wenzel to discuss the interview.  

Did you miss an episode? Catch up below:


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for putting out such a qualitative and informative show. Keep it up.

  2. This was a great interview Bob; I think you presented the libertarian/non-interventionist point of view well and made him seriously question his statism. I enjoyed the Rossinni Wrap segment at the end as well.

  3. Ok, so I meant the "Rossini Recap", not the "Rossini Wrap". Wrote my post about an hour after hearing the show.

    1. Wenzel called it "Wrap-up with Rossini" at the beginning, but called it "Recap with Rossini" at the end. Not your fault, haha.

  4. Good show- I hope he will look more deeply at Ron Paul, since he seemed receptive to his ideas.

    As Rossini points out, these guys don't operate out of malice, just ignorance. Maybe he will look up ABCT out of curiousity.

  5. No offense to a couple of the other posters, but I don't see Connaughton revisiting his "solutions" in the context of a new perspective communicated by Wenzel.

    He's too stuck in the statist/central plan everything mindset to understand that if regulations didn't work before new/better ones won't work again.

    He, like most other central planners, think the problem is the laws/structure-not the absence of a true free market-which Mr. MBA doesn't even understand. He really should ask for his money back for that degree.

  6. This was an excellent interview. What really strikes me with the mid-level bureaucrats is that they actually think they will effect change with their suggestions to the high-level guys who run the show. Neil Barofsky and Sheila Bair are the same.

    They all try to implement policy "around the margins" because they know what will happen if they try an all out approach. Then they get snubbed because the real people in control already have designs on what should happen and are really only listening to their crony buddies. Then they write a book about how bad things are.

    Connaughton talked about his attempts at "triage" which is basically trying to build support for a compromise version of what he wants. His perception that was if he didn't get something at least watered down through, he was ineffectual.

    The reality is, it is these watered down compromises in order to fulfill ego-massaging narcissistic tendencies that creates moral hazards, and unseen impacts detrimental to liberty, the free market, and private property rights.

    These guys want recognition at any price. They want to be the power brokers and play the game, and when that can't happen they cry like little school-children.

    And these are the people who take part in running the country! The crisis of leadership is none other than what is attracted to political power. Those in the private sector are working on solutions the market is requesting be solved via the price / profit mechanism. Those in politics are there to create a name for themselves by coming out on top of infantile power struggles. Narcissus would be proud!

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