Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ron Paul On The Fed, Fiscal Cliff, And Romney

Ron at his best.


  1. No one should be President, but if ever there were a man who one could say should be President, here he is.

  2. I happen to have read many of the books on Ron Paul's recommended reading list. I know that he knows the real score, and I often get the uneasy feeling that he's holding back. I can't understand why he's doing it.

    For instance, he rails against out of control spending in the clip posted by Bob. He surely understands that the Fed is a machine which converts government debt into currency, and that the elites in the politico-financial complex have no incentive to balance the federal budget. I've never head him mention that.

    Andrew Jackson waged a successful war against the third central bank by appealing to the people. He had almost none of the communication tools we have available. Ron Paul has done an unbelievable job of calling attention to the Fed's evil activities, but it's time to start swinging the heavy lumber.