Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steve Wynn Takes a Poke at The Fed

Chris Rossini
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Casino magnate, Steve Wynn, recently took a poke at The Fed.

Business Insider provides a few quotes:
"The demand for American bonds wasn't as great as what it used to be. So what we did is what Bernie Madoff went to jail for: the Federal Reserve printed the money and bought the bonds from the government as if it was really an auction and there was really a buyer."
It's a bit sloppy.

Neither the Federal Reserve, nor the U.S. Government can legitimately be referred to as "we". The more accurate reference is "they." Wynn must have attended government schools growing up. Also, Madoff's crimes were different, but hey, at least Wynn is pointing a finger at The Great Counterfeiter, and that's a good thing.

He gets better:
"Everyone that works for me — every African-American, every Latino, every Catholic, every Jew, every Italian, every Mormon  in this state — finds that when they take a look at their household budget, the money that they have to live on, their living standard, everything has gotten worse. It costs more for fuel. It costs more for clothing. It cost more for Wal-Mart. It costs more for healthcare. It costs more for everything there is."
That's pretty good. The Fed doesn't like being seen as anything other than an inflation fighter. The source of inflation is supposed to be a mystery to the man on the street.

Wynn may be a bit hyperbolic. Prices haven't risen for "everything there is", but he has the correct culprit.

Massive credit must be given to Ron Paul. For he was the one that made it publicly acceptable for Steve Wynn to even discuss the Fed as the source of economic misery. Were it not for Ron Paul, such statements from Wynn would have landed him the Jack Welch treatment...He would have been labeled a heretic.

Unfortunately, Wynn, and other casino hot shots like Sheldon Adelson and Donald Trump, are surrogates for Mitt Romney.

And despite Rand Paul's nonsense, Mitt Romney has no interest in ending (or even auditing) the Fed. In fact, he doesn't even want to talk about the Fed. Romney had a lot to say in the first Presidential debate. The Fed wasn't mentioned even once!

Mitt, and his neocon crew, are salivating for more wars. Wynn, Adelson, and Trump are all well aware of this.

Wars aren't cheap.

The Fed will come in handy.


  1. Interesting.

    This is exactly the kind of thing that scares the living bejesus out of the PTB. When you and I look at the Fed and see a global criminal enterprise, they could care less. They brush us off as the lunatic fringe, have a good laugh and get back to the serious business raping and pillaging the American public.

    When Messrs Wynn, Trump, Welch, Et al, along with a growing list of sovereign nations around the world, begin to point out that the emperor really is bare ass naked, running a shell game, and can't even afford the pea, beads of sweat begin to appear on bankster brows, and that whooshing sound you hear are sphincters contracting in unison...

  2. Wynn is just doing some ads for his own empty casinos in Vegas.That is all.