Monday, October 22, 2012

The Big Nurse State: RFK's Son Goes on Trial

A son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy is going on trial over a scuffle in a maternity ward in Westchester,reports NBC News New York.

Douglas Kennedy is accused of physical harassment and child endangerment. Opening arguments begin Monday in Mount Kisco Town Court.

On Jan. 7, Kennedy tried to take his 2-day-old son from the maternity ward at Northern Westchester Hospital. Nurses tried to stop him, citing hospital policy. Two claim he injured them.

A hospital video appears to show a nurse falling to the floor, according to NBC..

Kennedy, a Fox News reporter, says he was just taking the baby to get some fresh air.

He and his wife have called the charges absurd. Kennedy's lawyer has denied anyone was injured and has claimed the nurses are after money.

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  1. Excuse me...please explain to me why a Kennedy should have to obey the law? Based on past history, those nurses should be glad they weren't drowned, or raped and then murdered.
    As any Kennedy would explain, "Do you _know_ who I _am_?"
    Case closed.