Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Ron Paul of Pakistan?

Value Walk is calling Imran Khan the Ron Paul of Pakistan. Khan like Dr. Paul is against foreign aid to Pakistan and U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan. However, the profile of Khan is light on Khan's overall economic views. There is nothing that suggests that Kahn is a fervent advocate of free markets, like Dr. Paul is. Indeed, Kahn's focus on corruption suggests he doesn't get that it is the existence of government power centers that is the problem, rather than who is in charge at various power centers.

Still the profile is worth a look.


  1. Ron Paul is one of a kind. Still it's nice to be compared to him.

  2. "Zardari is so hated, that many curse words have been named after him." - from the article.

  3. Imran Khan is the most inspirational cricket player/team captain ever produced in the history of cricket. He is a near novice in politics.but he is legendary as a cricket player in cricket playing nations and also for having married (and later divorced) jemima goldsmith -the daughter of jewish brit financier and member of house of lords james goldmsith

  4. Imran Khan might be Pakistan's most inspirational cricketer, in global terms he was merely a very fine player.

    Politically he swings with the wind, but seems to cling to professed "islamic values" and he wants Pakistan to implement a welfare state.

    He is no Ron Paul.

  5. Khan is a legend in the cricket playing world. This makes him independently popular. EPJ readers need to check out the two part BBC documentary "Secret Pakistan" which covers the deep connections between the Taliban and the Pakistan military, which is the real government of Pakistan. The US and UK found indisputable evidence of Pakistani planning, arming and training of the Taliban in late 2006. This means that the GHQ and quarter master general of "the enemy" in the war on terror has effectively been shaking down US taxpayers for a decade.

    If the documentaries hold water then it would seem to me that the recent upsurge in drones and JSOC operations conducted in Pakistani territory is akin to Nixon's invasion of Cambodia as part of his broader withdrawal.

  6. (BTW The "Secret Pakistan" documentary Part 1 is on here. Part 2 is available here.)