Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Era of Big Government Is Over

By, Chris Rossini
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  1. I hardly see now running for President in and of itself is "despicable", nor do you supply proof that Romney wishes to "dominate other men".
    He appears to want to reduce government and, for all one can see, open in is program and agenda.

    The electorate decides the level of the State: that is what this election is about. One should note, however, that the electorate certainly does have a strong been towards an State more active then you might wish to see.

    It is a specious argument to make such accusations of Romney's character merely because you do not like the general orientation of the electorate, particularity since this orientation has been the dominate once since the New Deal.

    Most certainly your criticism is true of Obama, but not because the statism here is merely a tool for his ambitions and those of his political class, and they are wholly dis honest in their public positions.

    The same cannot be said of Romney. You reasonably reject his politics, but you cannot fairly accuse him of immorality because of them.

    You engage in slander here-this too is sinful.

    1. "The electorate decides the level of the State.....

      Oh, brother. So much ignorance, so little time............

      "He appears to want to reduce government...." Citation required. And Big Bird doesn't count.

    2. Seriously. I wonder how the massive increase in military expenditures , under a Romney presidency , could result in anything but bigger government. The previous poster is either woefully uninformed or an outright imbecile.

    3. Leaving aside the difficulty in understanding exactly what you are trying to say due to typos and errors, I must disagree with what you might be saying. The electorate certainly does not decide the size of the state. A fraction of the electorate votes in a sort of 'beauty contest,' in which they have not a clue what will really happen once their favorite sociopath is in office.

      It is perfectly reasonable to say that anyone running for president is despicable, Ron Paul excluded. To get the nomination, one must be vetted by the most vile sociopaths to whom one must sell one's soul. One must be a devout warmonger. For any chance at being elected, one must lie from one end of the day to the next. But worst of all, one must desire have and wield power. What could be more despicable than that?

      Btw, slander is spoken whereas libel is written.

  2. If only!! As the video demonstrates, the leviathan state will gain more power, exert more economic control, regimentation and central planning, wage more wars,smash the liberties and natural rights of the people and continually violate the Constitution no matter if statist A or statist B is elected. People need to take a hard and honest look at both Romney and Obama and come to see that they espouse the same philosophy of government omnipotence.