Monday, October 15, 2012

The Washington D. C. Housing Market

The money is flowing in D.C.

Anthony Berini emails:
Please find below a short interview with Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman about the state of the DC area housing market.

The short of it is that like EPJ (surprise surprise) Kelman is also claiming a turn has occurred in the US housing market and he sees no signs of it slowing down.

My favorite part is when Kelman is asked if QE3 will act as a boost to the US housing market. He responds by saying "low rates have been a huge factor in housing's recovery, and credit is easing, too."

It's amazing that the monetary policies that led to the phony housing boom are being praised for leading the phony recovery.

Lastly, Kelman notes that there is a 3 month supply of housing in Fairfax county and a 4 month supply in Montgomery county. It's great to see that while the country continues to hurt the belly of the beast continues to thrive.


  1. Obama or Romney, you can't lose investing in the DC Housing market.

  2. DC never had a real correction in its housing or labor market like the rest of the country thanks to the roach motel that is the American tax system pouring money into the DC/Metro.

    Forget "Taxation Without Representation", it should be: "Your tax money checks in and never checks out.."