Monday, October 15, 2012

An Obama Job in Action

By, Chris Rossini
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From a fellow freedom fighter comes a picture from the Blessed City of Washington DC.

The posts on the underside of Interstate 395 are being painted blue!

Hopefully Obama has in his Grand Plan, an idea to hire 1,000,000 men to paint Interstate posts all throughout the land.

The paint industry can lobby "partner" with the government. Such a "bold vision" would definitely "stimulate the economy" and "put Americans back to work."

(h/t Tom Elliott)


  1. LOL. Reminds me of the clean the rocks on the beach government program from How an Economy Grows and why it Crashes by Peter Schiff.

  2. The government can also stimulate the economy even more than a private company because they pay the RETAIL price. There is no negotiation of the price so the taxpayers will pay 33-45% more for the paint products than a person would do if they just walked in to their friendly paint store. Ditto for government contractors, they pay list price as well.

  3. Have you seen the price of Sherwin-Williams (NYSE:SHW) stock over the past year? Holy cow!

  4. It's even better than you describe. These blue pillars will no doubt be soon covered in graffiti, thus requiring painters to cover up the scribblings, followed by graffiti, painting, etc. in a virtuous circle of employment, job growth, and prosperity for all!

    1. And Bernanke will probably hail the people doing the graffiti as heroes who are helping save the economy by making the repainting of them "necessary" , thus causing more government "stimulus" to improve the lives of everyone. Who knows, maybe the bloods will get a Nobel prize next time around.

    2. And Krugman will still fail to comprehend this as the "Broken Window Fallacy"

  5. Because it is a "work zone," fines from those lovely speed trap cameras are doubled!

  6. I am not bothered by this. All that is missing is for these blue poles to be finished with enormous murals glorifying the accomplishmwnts of the Bush/Obama regime and the virtues of citizenship exmplified by our Dear Leaders.

    All Hail, Obama. Peace be upon him.