Monday, October 29, 2012

US Airways Cancels Flight: Nouriel Roubini Loses It (Note: This Type of "Service" is Coming to Healthcare)

Kedrodky on airlines in the U.S.

Here's the deal. The government has ruined the air flying experience in at least two ways (probably more) and not counting the strip searches. The first problem occurred when government prevented airlines from firing older flight attendants and just keeping young energetic attendants. Over time, these old bats learned they could get away with more and more as airlines fear challenging them and being accused of age discrimination. It is now more strategic for airlines to just absorb the complaints rather than firing the bad attitude employees. Thus the number of bad attitude employees grow, as they observe other bad attitude employees get away with things.

Second, with the arrival of the TSA, the old bats know they have even more back up. The more enraged a passenger gets over shoddy treatment he is getting, the closer he gets to one of the old bats declaring him a flight risk and throwing him off the plane.

Power, with no incentive to be consumer friendly, this is the result.

The same thing will occur in a slightly different fashion in the healthcare industry. With government involvement and a shortage of doctors because of coming price controls, nurses (with a few exceptions) will act like Nazis. Be prepared.


  1. Meaningless from a "man" who has sculpted vagina's on his wall.

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  3. Note to Roubini:


  4. I'm an old bat and I completely agree.