Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Geithner Sit Down with Crony Capitalists

In a continuing series of these events, Treasury Secretary Geithner Tuesday met with business executives to "discuss crony plots the economy."

Present at this plotting seession were:

--Robert Greifeld, chief executive of NASDAQ OMX Group Inc.

--Dominic Barton, managing director of McKinsey & Company

--Jeff Bewkes, chairman and chief executive of Time Warner Inc.

--Mark Bertolini, chairman and chief executive of Aetna Inc.

--Tim Armstrong, chairman and chief executive of AOL Inc.

--Bob McDonald, president and chief executive of Procter & Gamble Co.


  1. "The economy" Huh? Aren't we all individuals acting to further our self-interests? Leave us alone and stop trying to measure us and manage us. I think Geithner wants to discuss his "economy" the way a hobbyist might talk about his "aquarium". Go take a long walk off a short pier Timmy.

  2. Robert -

    Any news on when this cozy chit chat took place?

  3. Oops, just found it - yesterday.