Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blankfein Calls Out the Evil Ghosts of Lincoln and Roosevelt

In an op-ed in today's WSJ, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein launches a call for higher taxes on the rich with a curtsey to of the most evil, interventionists war-crazed presidents, Lincoln and Roosevelt:
Four years ago, it was said that the incoming Obama administration aspired to the dynamic that existed in Abraham Lincoln's cabinet, where former competitors and antagonists came together to help the country through the Civil War. If Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals" was the historical aspiration then, the model to emulate after this election is her earlier book, "No Ordinary Time," about Franklin Roosevelt's domestic policies during the latter years of the Great Depression and into World War II. 
The 1930s were a period of extreme bitterness between the business community and the Roosevelt administration. Many executives deplored the president's policies and refused to even utter his name, referring to him as "that man in the White House." In turn, the president famously declared during the 1936 re-election campaign: "I welcome their hatred."
Yet, well before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, these adversaries made common cause to defeat Germany and Japan. The result was an unprecedented surge in industrial production that would crush the Axis powers and lift the American economy out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt showed leadership, and business answered the call.
Blankfein fails to mention that this "surge in industrial production" was about crony military-industrial complex capitalism that resulted in the production of killing equipment that was supplied to Great Britain and Russia. It resulted in many deaths in Europe---even before US troops were sent over to do direct killing.

Chris Rossini has recently outlined the horror of Lincoln.

With this astounding foundation of much blood on their hands presidents, Blankfein moves and tells us:
I believe that tax increases, especially for the wealthiest, are appropriate...
Yes, the boob who drove his business to the edge of bankruptcy, only to be bailed out by taxpayer money, now has a thank you for taxpayers, even higher taxes. Lloyd, better idea, why don't you go fight in a war somewhere, there are plenty around. I'm sure the ghosts of Lincoln and Roosevelt would probably like that.


  1. Thanks for calling out pieces of human trash like Blankfein. I wish more would do the same to the point where we finally stop letting garbage like him and his pals rule our society.

  2. During World War I the Germans invented a term and a system for the kind of economy we had during World War II. They called it "Kriegs Socialismus" which translates as War Socialism. Nothing benefits the Masters of The Universe more than war socialism. They revel in it's carnage and dance in the blood of it's victims.

  3. It's amazing these statements when 90% of the country said not to bail these guys out in 2008.

  4. Blankfein is trolling. Nothing else.

  5. I hope more do what I did and take their money out of the hands of these incompetents that are running these large investment firms. I don't have big money but I do have over a nice low 7 figure portfolio that now is spread across several discount and regional brokerages. These guys are unfit to manage money. That was made very clear in 2008.

  6. Will someone Puuulees put this smuck in jail where he belongs???

    Waiter, check please...