Saturday, November 10, 2012

As The World Turns

By, Chris Rossini
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Below you'll find snapshots of how major markets around the world ended the week.

U.S. - Dow Jones Industrial Average -2.12%

China - Shanghai Composite Index -2.27%

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Japan - Nikkei -3.24%

UK - FTSE -1.68%

Germany - DAX Composite -2.72%

Spain - Madrid General Index -4.21

Brazil - Bovespa Stock Index -1.76%

Israel - Tel Aviv 25 Index -.67%

Switzerland - Swiss Market Index +.21%

Gold +3.07%

Silver +5.05%

Crude Oil +1.32%

U.S. Dollar Index +.54%

Euro -.97%

U.S. 30YR T-Bond Yield -5.66%

1 comment:

  1. People keep talking about a crash in China, but looking at the chart, it seems it's already happened. The Shanghai Index is by far the worst performing over the past 2 years and unlike the other markets, it never came close to it's 2007 highs of 5500.

    Granted, it could certainly keep falling, but it seems the "Crash in China" is very old news, and most of it has already happened as far as the market is concerned. It's lost well over half its value and it (probably) isn't going to zero.