Saturday, November 24, 2012

As The World Turns

By, Chris Rossini
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Below you'll find snapshots of how major markets around the world ended the week.

U.S. - Dow Jones Industrial Average +3.35%

China - Shanghai Composite Index +.63%

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Japan - Nikkei +3.80%

UK - FTSE +3.81%

Germany - DAX Composite +5.16%

Spain - Madrid General Index +4.24%

Brazil - Bovespa Stock Index +3.92%

Israel - Tel Aviv 25 Index +2.48%

Switzerland - Swiss Market Index +3.17%

Gold +2.23%

Silver +5.27%

Crude Oil +1.44%

U.S. Dollar Index -1.31%

Euro +1.80%

U.S. 30YR T-Bond Yield +3.93%


  1. I predict that, in the not too distant future, a bitcoin chart will be listed here as well.

  2. Total Bonds, BND, fell 0.25% this week,commencing the seesaw destruction of fiat wealth on the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority; with a realization of the extent and intractability of the inability to rectify the Greek debt problem, a political leadership crisis has emerged in Europe; the ECB will emerge as Europe’s sovereign body; with the rise of new regional sovereignty in the Eurozone, the fiat money system is disappearing, and the diktat money system is emerging, where diktat serves as both currency and credit