Saturday, November 24, 2012

SHOCK Doctor tells other Physcians: Under Obamacare Doctors Are Going to Become Government Drones

The below clip is a keynote speech delivered last year by Dr. Elaina George at the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons 68th Annual Meeting, held in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the clip, Dr George explains how Obamacare will be dangerous for patient care, how the push to electronic record keeping will be dangerous and how health insurance companies and big pharma are in control.

It is not clear from the speech that she understands that free market medicine (and free market insurance) is the solution, but it is clear that she recognizes that Obamacare has created a massive power center that is controlled by insider insurance groups and big pharma. She understands that this power center will not be good for doctors or patients. Rather than roll back the power center, it appears she may be advocating that medical doctors gain control of the power center. That said, what she reveals about what Obamacare will mean for patient care is shocking.

Dr George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Biology. She received her Masters degree in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University, and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr George completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Her training included general surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, pediatric ENT at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, and head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.


  1. From listening to this, she understands free market medicine and insurance. She talks about self-pay and the movement of health insurance toward maintenance care.

    But thank god someone on the actual physician side can recognize this. The health administrators know this very well. The Public Health schools are basically screaming down their students and alum for objecting in any way to Obamacare. But a lot of physicians just have no understanding of basic economics, accounting, or government. They think "single payor" would be great because they think it'll make their lives easier. It won't and, from what this doctor is saying, every decision they make will be questioned by someone politically appointed in Washington DC who looks at large statistical tendencies to determine whether they get paid or go to jail.

    If you're in the health care industry, you just have to say no to all of this. You're not going to get what you want by petitioning Congress or informing patients to write their Senator. You have to drag your feet, screw them on data entry and quality, and lie to the government every chance you get. Then you need to play hardball with the insurance companies.

  2. This dr is a hero! I used to implement EMR's for hospitals and private practices before getting out of the business due to the "code-based" fee-for-service economic incentives that increase costs, decrease quality and destroy the dr patient relationship.

  3. With the obligation to report to the government every aspect of the patient's case and history and what the patient reveals to the doctor, it will not be a just a loss of privacy on the part of the patient, but a loss of security (security from the police state, that is).

    Already in the U.K., their version of "If You See Something, Say Something" is making its way into the medical field, with doctors having to report on "potential terrorists." As we already know here in the U.S., a "potential terrorist" also includes people who believe in individual liberty and who question government policies, people who pay for things with cash, etc, etc.

    If I see any doctors, I will make sure that they are like-minded to me, to protect myself. Otherwise, I will not share any of my views.

  4. Two important article to read for those who haven't (because our problems in medicine go back 100 years)

    Murray Rothbard:

    Hans Hoppe:

  5. You have to wonder who wrote this bill? Hey, you have to wonder who read this bill!

  6. I am about to graduate with my PhD from a top 3 medical school, and have had conversations with friends in nursing and medicine about Obamacare. After the last shouting fight with one of them I gave up. Because their instructors tell them that it is "good" they buy it lock, stock, and barrel. I've given up on the idea of fighting this idea and fighting these people. They are simultaneously "true believers" that are also completely incapable of true independent though. I am now trying to do my best to peer into the future, to see which crony companies, industries, and positions will benefit most from this absurd legislation and head there for employment. Perhaps it is a rationalization, but I am now of the opinion that if a broken system that I despise, that I know is absolutely destined to fail, is going to be forced on me and shoved down my throat, I am going to profit from it.

    In the meantime I am slowly but surely building friendships with other scientists, physicians, nurses, etc. that are conservative/libertarian/classical liberal, and don't buy the B.S. My hope is to profit from the broken system, and then have the community to fall back upon when it falls apart.

    1. Good for you. If you are serious, look at moving to Costa Rica (or even Mexico or Columbia) and assisting there. If you can handle being an exile (meaning defaulting on student loans) and being a Dr there you could make a killing.